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Apply for MS in Computer Sciences program at UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON

UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON COMPUTER SCIENCE FALL 2018 STATEMENT OF PURPOSE I would like to introduce myself as an engineering undergraduate from Hyderabad India I was very glad when I had an opportunity to apply for MS in Computer Sciences program at UNIVERSITY OF DAYTON for Fall 2018 I being a student of Mechanical Engineering would like to pursue Masters in Computer Sciences as I always believe knowledge in various fields would help an individual to prosper in this proliferating world of advance technology These emerging technological advancements leads to make life easier and to increase human comforts in both home and at work It would be my immense pleasure to be an integral part of this betterment To achieve this research would be of primary importance with hands on experience in real time Artificial Intelligence AI and Intelligence Database System are my areas of interest and research My objective is to work at the forefront of the technology to find innovative solutions to the altering needs Starting off with the academics I have done my schooling in Rainbow Concept School which helped me in laying strong foundation in various subjects of my curriculum During 7th standard I was introduced to the computers where I gained profound knowledge in basic computer operations and programming languages I have always been enthralled towards Mathematics and Science which made me consider them as my favourite subjects My interest towards Mathematics led me to learn abacus and advance mathematics during my school time Having a great interest in Science led me to visit many 

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Advertisement is one of the greatest Medium

In the competitive world of business Advertisement is one of the greatest medium of communication between the enterprises and its consumers To strengthen the effect of the advertisement enterprises must handpick an endorser with a great amount of credibility The researchers in this study attempted to examine the effect of brand image advertising spokesperson and the advertisement frequency on consumers attitude Basically the whole study revolved around four things the brand image which is the soul of the product consumers attitude toward advertising wherein good brand image can really accumulate and improve positive attitude of the consumers toward advertising the credibility of the Spokesperson that can gain a huge impact to the consumers and the advertising frequency that may have a different effects on consumers attitude towards advertising This study seeks to correlate that combination of good brand image and the spokesman s credibility are essential to add effectivity on advertising In addition to that advertising frequency can manipulate the effect of the advertising itself The researchers may have gathered a lot of previous studies to support their study but they focused mainly on three hypotheses a first brand image positively influences the effect of advertising b second the spokesperson's credibility has a positive influence on consumers attitude towards advertising and c lastly different advertising frequency has different effects on consumers attitude towards advertising To investigate and analyze data the study used a pre experimental design which is a mixed method

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