Writing Assistance App Checker Widget

Noplag Widget will allow you to have Plagiarism Checker, Grammar, Style & Spell checking window installed directly on your website, your admin,blog or any other place where You or Your Visitors need to Check their Writing for possible mistakes.
Adjust the size of the widget as per your requirements and add the code to any page on your website.
<iframe style="border: 0; width: 800px; height: 400px;" src="https://noplag.com/widget/get/"></iframe>

Noplag Writing Assistance App Checker Widget

Noplag plagiarism checker widget is a very usefull application for website owners, bloggers and writers communities, which enables visitors to access Noplag plagiarism checker directly on your blog, website, admin etc. Noplag widget will help to enhance the page with unique content as well as pay attention of the visitors that your site promotes/offers only premium services and tools, so it is undoubtedly worth visiting.

Originality Checker Widget from Noplag plagiarism checker is a perfect way to inform site readers that your content is unique and you are against of any plagiarism cases. Moreover, it will enhance the look of the whole site and contribute to its popularity. Noplag Plagiarism Checker window is easily adjustable to any website: you can choose the size of the widget to fit the page perfectly as well as add a code to any website page.

Let your users check texts for similarity right on your site with Noplag widget. It is a good way to keep readers longer on your website and improve its ranking in the search results.