Essay Examples on Cats

Pets are intentness of humans to be closer to nature

Pets are intentness of humans to be closer to nature. They play immense roles in our daily lives. It is also confirmed by scientists that having a pet is beneficial for health. Pets reduce stress and mental health problems, provide emotional support and help their owners to become responsible. Animal Friends Pet Insurance. Many people think their pets as their family. They are great companies for people that live far away from their homes Sujie Wu Alligator Contributing Writer. Students should be able to have pets in a boarding school like TEVITOL for their personal development. Pets are emotional support for students in boarding schools. Pets bring so much joy and optimism and happiness. They attack every moment of every day with that attitude stated Bruce Cameron. 

In boarding schools students are away from their families and feel alone It is necessary for them to have companies while they are on their owner's. It has been proven by scientists that pets reduce loneliness and promote a great feeling of happiness. By maintaining companionship pets boost moods and bring joy to lives. Compared to a pet owner a person without a pet is more likely to be upset and sick. The example that helps us understand is that in 2017 a magazine called Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that pet owners are happier more confident more outgoing and less fearful. To be more specific. Having something that you can hold or play with and having something that depends on you just makes you feel good remarked Jennifer Becker who studies at the University of Florida.

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