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Question. There are reasons for firms to keep strategies hidden from all but top-level executives. Strategists must decide for themselves what is best for their firms. The utopian society is an imaginary society which only exists in books and in the minds of the people. However, the society that we live in today is far from the Utopian to say the least where more of Jungle rule plays in it than the just and fair play. The business world is an integral part of the society and so it too is subjected to the same Jungle rules. The law of the jungle can be defined as a system or mode of action in which the strongest survive presumably as animals in nature or as human beings whose activities are not regulated by civil laws and or ethics of civilization. Now to find an answer to the question of to why many firms to keep their important strategies hidden from all but top-level executives, the simple and quick answer would be to say the entire spectrum of the manpower in that firm are not on equal footing educationally and otherwise. Therefore the grasping power, as well as the interpretation of it, can be varied and eventually the application part will be far from the originally devised idea. Everything gets mutated over the years eventually but if that is to happen at the start of some strategic move due to misinterpretation, can bring in more harm and that is one of the basic reasons why important policy decisions are hidden from the rank and file at the beginning of the process.

The competitive nature of the business world is as such that firms need to think differently and come up with suitable strategies from time to time if they are to be ahead of the rest of the pack vying for a portion of the same pie. It will be a case of flourish or perish. In any strategy it is not only the idea itself is important. There is an element of time factor too involved in the success or the failure of the plan. The Entry and Exit at the right time could spell success and or failure in any strategy. Once the element of surprise is taken out of any strategy the Bang effect would not be there to capitalize. There are borrowers, copycats and even stealers of ideas in the business world and that is one of the main reasons why firms keep guard their strategies close to the heart to avoid being stolen before the implementation at the right time. Industrial spying is a big time and lucrative game in the world today. Therefore as long as any idea and or plan remain within a lesser number of hands it will be easy to safeguard it from being stolen and used without the permission of the author’s. And it also will be easier to identify the source of the leak if something of that nature ever happens and to initiate necessary damage control measures swiftly, if the strategy is kept within a limited number of people until implementation. Therefore, if to summarize the reasons as to why many firms keep their strategies within a limited number of people. The entire spectrum of the manpower in the firm is not on equal footing when it comes to cognitive functioning.

The loss of the element of surprise when shared with many at the initial stages. Ability to safeguard the idea of being stolen by a competitor and or someone with malicious intentions. Being able to identify the source or sources if a leak is reported. Somehow it’s an open discussion for companies that truly do understand strategy while they might share certain pieces, certain tactical activities they’ll rarely disclose the end to end, top to the bottom plan that comprises their strategy. To do so would arm their smartest competitors with information that could be used to counter and outmaneuver them. You can make certain inferences about a company’s strategy or lack thereof by reading their annual reports, listening to analyst calls, observing certain tactics like their marketing and MA activity, but generally speaking business competition is like a battlefield you don’t telegraph your strategy to those you’re trying to compete with. I guess my answer would be that some companies share information about what they’re doing and call it strategy but it doesn’t meet the strict definition of what strategy is and if it did it probably wouldn’t be openly shared.

For example, Apple Company hiding one of the important strategies In the case of the Apple engineer job listing was public just hidden. It was publicly accessible to anyone who has the curiosity to look through Apple's servers In this case if you had the time to browse through a server like it was a treasure hunt you were actually rewarded for your time and effort with a potential job. For big company like OMANAIR as an airline the competitor is very high that’s for to keep the strategies hidden as important to run the airline businesses one of the important strategies in airline field is ticket price and how you can manage the ticket price among with high competitors in the region due the ticket price must be controlled and provided in different ways and to promote to the customers at the right time.

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