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How to Set Your Thermostat for Maximum Comfort and Savings During Sacramento's sweltering Summers, a top priority is keeping cool and comfortable in our homes. Of course, no one wants their HVAC system to work harder than it has to in order to accomplish this. In this short essay, I will give you 4 suggestions to utilize your thermostat to find the perfect balance of comfort and energy savings. Choose the Right Thermostat. You will most likely find several types of thermostats when you go out comparison shopping. It is common to find 5 days, 2 day and 7-day models. I advise the 7-day model since it will give you the most flexibility in scheduling. You can actually program a different temperature for each day of the week if you wanted to Program the Thermostat for Home and Away. After you have chosen and installed your thermostat you can program your weekly schedule.

An ideal temperature of 68 degrees can be set for times you are at home and awake to take advantage of the cool air. To maximize your savings turn the temperature up a few degrees while you are sleeping or out of the home school work etc. Just by changing the temperature a few degrees while you are out or overnight can save you up to 180 on your utility bill over the course of a year. Override for Additional Savings. When you encounter changes to your schedule you can simply press the hold button on your thermostat to override its programmed settings. You can also use the vacation mode when you are headed out of town. This will save on energy costs while you're away and then you can arrive home to find your house at the perfect temperature. There are families who have more unpredictable schedules and lifestyles so a simple programmable thermostat may not be enough to capitalize on energy savings. You may want to consider a smart thermostat or a learning thermostat. These stylers enable you to make adjustments on the fly and from anywhere with your mobile device. Some models even learn your family's habits and adjust themselves accordingly.

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