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Interview. Psychological assessment of an individual golf athlete

Background of Athlete and setting and approach to the needs assessment. Name F K Age 21 Gender Male Sport Golf Date of assessment 28 12 2017. Setting of assessment At the participants home.

Introduction. A psychological assessment of an individual athlete can take several forms, each contributing to an analysis of the individual's needs with respect to psychological well being, mental skills, development behavioural change performance enhancement participation and successful transitions. A variety of qualitative and quantitative practices may form the process of the individuals assessment. The collection of techniques that a practitioner can use the validity and reliability concerns accompanied with this are essential contemplations. For this written report the psychological profiling of an athlete referred to as F K will be assessed with suggested improvements and limitations. Ways of overcoming those limitations will be discussed and analysed through the use of performance profiling an interview process goal settings S M A R T and a sport anxiety test SAS. F K is 21 years of age competes at an amateur level in golf and has always had a passion for this sport but has only taken a playing role 10 years ago. The interview was conducted on the 28 12 2017 in an informal environment with semi structured questions and follow ups. The performance profiling and goal setting were both conducted on the same date as the interview letting the interviewer relate back to the performance profiling and S M A R T goal setting in an interview.
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Low Back Pain. Understanding and Identifying Movement Coordination Impairments

Despite the high prevalence of low back pain subacute and chronic symptoms are often referred to as nonspecific in nature indicating that there is no established source of the pain. In the absence of clear pathoanatomical diagnosis patients with nonspecific low back pain are often described as representing a heterogeneous group demonstrating multidimensional signs and symptoms. Current research in physical therapy has focused on developing sensitive and specific clinical tests attempting to sub group these patients into more homogeneous groups. According to the clinical practice guideline individuals with low back pain may be classified using the diagnosis of low back pain with movement coordination impairments based on certain clinical findings. The aim of this manuscript is to offer a review of the literature describing the identification and treatment of patients with low back pain and movement coordination impairments of the trunk. The reader will be presented with available examination paradigms and classification systems that can be used to subgroup patients with nonspecific low back pain with movement coordination impairments to help guide physical therapy examination and treatment. Key Words provide a list of 3 to 4 pertinent words in alphabetical order NOTE do not repeat words that are part of the title.
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