Essay Example on Atomic Bomb, Weapons of Mass Destruction. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.










It was just a regular day in 1945 August 6 when probably the most well-known bomb ever was dropped. Little Boy was the first atomic bomb dropped ever, it was dropped on Hiroshima a city in Japan. When the bomb was dropped over 80 000 people instantly died from things like air pressure, supersonic winds fireball and more after the bombing even more people died from things like radiation, third-degree burns, fires and more. In total the death count was over 350 000 people. The explosion wiped out 90% of the city. The Little boy also destroyed 5 square miles of the city. The bomb was dropped on top of a hospital at 8:15 in the morning and it was dropped around 2 000 feet above the ground to cause maximum damage. The blast was equivalent to 12 000 to 15 000 kilotons of TNT. A few days before the bomb was dropped America sent leaflets to Japan talking about the atomic bomb how they have a super powerful bomb and that everyone should evacuate because they do not want to hurt the innocent people, all of this sound really nice and all but some people say that perhaps they didn't actually give the leaflets and they are just saying this to take away the guilt, because then why did so many people die and why weren't the Japanese government or whatever super protective of the sky.

Either way, we did drop an atomic bomb on the, so there really is no way to justify that completely. The element they used to make the bomb was uranium 235, the bomb weighed almost 8 000 pounds which is around 8 tons. It was 9 inches and 9 feet long or around 3 meters. In the hypocenter of the bomb, it was several million degrees in celsius and the surface of the sun reaches 45 505 C, which makes the bomb’s hypocenter hotter than the sun. This bomb was named after the American president Franklin D Roosevelt Fat Man. The fat man is a bomb that was dropped three days after a little boy was dropped and was dropped for the same reason to finally end World War II. The fat man was supposed to be dropped somewhere else then Nagasaki but it could not reach the original target Kokura, because there wasn’t enough fuel and some other reasons like smoke and clouds so it dropped the bomb on the secondary target Nagasaki. There are a lot of different versions and stories of the Nagasaki bombing and what went wrong with it and some of them are very interesting but I personally believe that the bomb didn’t reach the correct target because of low fuel smoke and clouds. Since the bomb was not dropped where it was supposed to be it actually did less damage than it was supposed to do even though it was stronger than the Little Boy. The fat man was 11 feet and 4 inches or 3.5 meters and it weighed around 9 000 pounds which is around 9 tons.

The bomb had the power of 22 kilotons of TNT but like I said before it caused less damage because it was dropped off-target and in a valley which is fortunate or else there would have been a lot more death and nobody wants more death. This bomb was named after the England prime minister Winston Churchill 5 Tsar Bomba. The tsar bomba is the biggest bomb ever. Just to give you a little idea of just how powerful it is, the mushroom cloud was eight-time the size of Mount Everest and it was equivalent to 50 000 kilotons of TNT and if you look at the second biggest the castle bravo which had 15 000 kilotons of TNT it looks like a joke. This bomb was a hydrogen bomb with the nickname Kuz kina which roughly translates from Russian to English as we’ll show you and it show us big time. Our Nagasaki bomb was 22 kilotons of TNT it is not even 1/5000 of the tsar bomba’s power. The good thing about this is that it could never be used in war because it is too heavy big and powerful so the conditions needed for it to be used in war in insane the country they would use it on would have to have no air security no radar and the number of planes the Russians would have to use are insane. Plus it would have to be a massive suicide mission so overall it would be a waste of materials and people’s lives because a country like that would not be a threat in any way. Some bonus facts about the tsar bomba are from 62 miles away you could still get third-degree burns, windows were broken 560 miles away the fireball reached over 6 miles into the sky and had the diameter of 5 miles and if you built the bomb out of the same material as the sun’s core it would take 10 million years to power it. You may imagine that this would take years to build but it only took around 16 weeks which is shocking because that means that it didn't even take them 5 months, it took them ¼ of a whole year to make this which keep in mind is the biggest bomb ever. Now imagine this the Russians originally planned to make it twice as big but opted not to in order to reduce nuclear fallout 6.

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