Essay Example on Birth Control and Insurance

Birth control and Insuranceю Nearly half of the pregnancies in the United States are not planned, the rate of pregnancies is higher between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. Eron 2012 four out of ten of those pregnancies result in abortion. Young adults have a higher rate of contracting a STD or other sexual disorder. I think that this was the problem the government had to deal with which made the government come to the decision to suspend health coverage for students on birth control. This problem could have been addressed in many other ways including education, medicine and other counseling things. Taking a look at the Christians perspective of premarital sex, according to Merit 2016. Christians are already angry by changing social mores when it comes to sexual intercourse. There are certain activities that coincide with sex and virginity. Both sex and virginity differ in the Christian and public health division. Everyone thinks that a virgin is pure and has never had sex before marriage. Many forget about the different types of sex such as oral sex Graham 2012. Some Christians may think that having sex before marriage is not such a horrible thing. To them, they think the conventional Christian ways concerning sexuality should be revised. There are many people in the United States who are very uncomfortable to talk about the sexual health issues that we have to say Eron 2012. The majority of the concerns are for young adults between the age of eighteen and twenty-four, who overlook the subject and continue on with sexual activities.

These issues need to be addressed not by taking health insurance away from students but by providing educational seminars to educate them about the risk. Also, there should be a type of affordable Medicine available to the students. In today's society, sexual relations before marriage is not considered taboo or a bad thing amongst young adults. There just needs to be an understanding of the concept and feelings of students regarding sex. Contraceptive states assume a key part in sex unwanted pregnancies and STDs. If we can just understand the contraceptive attitudes of undergrad students and identify the missing factor in knowing the issues can be addressed and fixed. Collins and Hershbein 2013 state that birth control and other contraceptive pills are some of the greatest birth controls we have in America today. Nearly 40 of undergraduates take birth control contraceptives to prevent pregnancies. Also, women with contraceptives use these pills at the rate of 61 Locke 2015. In 2007 laws were passed preventing many colleges from purchasing contraceptives for there students without complications.

Organizations such as planned parenthood and American Health Association were unaware of the law that was implemented a started doing things against it. I believe that having sexual intercourse with your partner is natural and healthy for a relationship. Underage sex, on the other hand, should be discouraged as it can have many health implications such as STDs. But being discouraging to undergraduates does not mean affecting their lives or their baby's lives. The right way would be to educate the undergraduate females about sex before marriage and the risk that comes along with it. The proper way to get medicine concerning the prevention of pregnancy should also be discussed. Increasing the number of colleges has to pay to get birth control or taking it away altogether in order to decrease the rate of pregnancy that will not work. In fact, this would give young women no other way to receive any type of birth control without hassle. You would think that college would be the perfect place where one would educate themselves on something. One's sexuality should also be apart of the education. Once young adults are properly educated on STDs and other related health issues we then may see a decrease in unwanted pregnancies. The treatment should be available to all of college health admin as well. In conclusion, many of America's college students have some sort of sexual intercourse regardless of what they believe in.

Most pregnancies happen between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four which in this case mean many undergraduates participate in sexual activities. The government addressed the issue back in 2005 with the DRA law. This law increased there contraceptive prices to where colleges were not able to provide for their students because they couldn't afford it. The government has seized the health coverage of children and universities such as Wheaton college and health coverage for many students so that the birth control rate would be lowered. Following this college, Many other institutes have also taken away health coverage. I believe young adults need to be educated about everything involving sexuality including STDs when having sex before marriage. This issue requires sexual education available to students in order for them to be able to make your own educated discussion. References Collins E G hershbein B 2013. The impact of subsidized birth control for college women Evidence from the deficit reduction act SSRN electronic journal Graham C 2012; Why unmarried Christmas are having sex Urban faith Retrieved from http www urban faith com 2012; 07 why unmarried Christmas are having sex html Lotke P S 2015 Increasing use of long-acting reversible contraception to decrease unplanned pregnancy Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North America Merrit J 2013 July 21; Sex outside of marriage can be holy according to this Christian minister Religion News Science Retrieved December from http religionnews com sex outside of marriage can be holy according to this minister.

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