Essay Examples on Contract Law

Contracts for the International Sales of Good

Introduction. Imperial Brands is an FTSE 100 company that is built around having a comprehensive tobacco portfolio, that includes a range of cigarettes fine cut and smokeless tobacco papers and cigars. Imperial brands are sold in 160 markets worldwide including the USA. Imperial is involved in many global transactions and in doing so they must understand the many universal laws with which Imperial should comply with, in particular, those relating to contract and agency law, Within the EU there are many measures relating to consumer law but there is still no law shared by all member states in relation to the sale of goods. Key elements of contract and agency law when forming international contracts. A contract is either a written or spoken agreement between two or more parties. Contract formation requires the following three essential elements. Offer. This is where one of the parties clearly states that they will offer to do something. Acceptance. This where either party accepts all the terms and conditions of the proposal as they are proposed in the contract. Consideration.

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