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Abstract. This article aims to help the reader to overcome the problems that most students felt hard to learn about in class. There are many techniques to teach easily and reduce bored for students who learn. This article chooses multimedia that includes audio, visual. kinesthetic to make students feel fun to understand the material easily the atmosphere of the class will be enjoying in the class. These media bring some popular items to be introduced that make students interest to study English. So this media which not only listen to the teacher but will combine with visual and kinesthetic in the hope students could better in memorizing the lesson that has taught only in class. Keywords: teaching, media, new items, memorizing better. Background of the study. Introduction. English is an important language used by many people to communicate with each other in the world. Many people attempt to learn English not only because of their image of being able to go to another country but they also learn it in order to contribute to cultural awareness and literacy such as knowledge of the original text. There are many countries made English as one of the main subjects in their school education curriculum so that studying English becomes a must it should be taught from the primary school level up to university. Teaching and learning activity provides the information needed by students.

However, there are some difficulties in the teaching process such as different types of students, learning styles. It means that every student has a different learning style to get the material in their own ways. There are three types of learning styles audio, visual and kinesthetic. However, most students tend to use audio and visual learning style in which students obtain information and knowledge through listening and seeing. Meanwhile, learning materials that help students to gain knowledge by combining their vision and audio are called multimedia. 

THE DEFINITION OF MULTIMEDIA. Multimedia may be defined in multiple ways depending upon one's perspective. Typical definitions include the following. 1 Multimedia is the use of multiple forms of media in a presentation Schwartz Beichner 1999 p 8 ISSN 1798 4769 Journal of Language Teaching and Research Vol 3 No 6 pp 1208 1215 November 2012 2012 ACADEMY PUBLISHER Manufactured in Finland doi 10 4304 jltr 3 6 1208 1215 2012 ACADEMY PUBLISHER 2. Multimedia is information in the form of graphics, audio, video or movies. A multimedia document contains a media element other than plain text.

Greenlaw Hepp 1999 p 44 3 Multimedia comprises a computer program that includes text along with at least one of the following audio or sophisticated sound music, video, photographs, 3D graphics, animation or high-resolution graphics Maddux Johnson Willis 2001 p 253. MULTIMEDIA AND LEARNING. Multimedia has been successfully applied to many courses in order to provide a wide variety of learning styles or modalities. Learning styles are defined as characteristic, cognitive, affective and physiological behaviors that serve as relatively stable indicators of how learners perceive, interact with and respond to the learning environment. Learners are more comfortable learning in an environment that reflects their predominant learning style Sankey 2006. Learners have a preferred learning modality, namely visual, aural, read, write or kinesthetic while many learners are multimodal use a combination of these modalities. Multimedia can be used to develop a more inclusive curriculum that appeals to visual aural and kinesthetic learners and overcome differences in student performance that may result from different learning styles. Presenting material in a variety of modes has been used to encourage students to develop a more versatile approach to learning Morrison Sweeney Heffernan 2003. Moving from the book to the computer is the opportunity for greater interactivity and novel ways to think about a learning activity. Technology provides more ways to represent concepts through different media formats Such advances in technology ask for pedagogical inquiries to confirm the usefulness of such new activities in facilitating learning. Learners who have access to multiple representations enhance their comprehension learning memory, communication, and inference. Rogers Scaife 1996 Kozma 1991 argues that learners will benefit more if the instructional methods provide, perform or model cognitive operations that are important to the task and the situation.

 Learners will also benefit more if they can perform or provide for themselves the operations provided by these representational media Kozma 199. Providing the learner with a sound structure and content is more important than providing them with interactivity and animation afforded by new media. Comprehension and learning require a sound content and structure of instructional material and not new media or types of representation. The combination of text and image is effective when the information provided is complementary and adapted to each presentation. Making connections from multiple representations depends not only on the presentation mode and the construction of the interrelations between the multimodal items but also on the characteristics of the task Dubois Vial 2000.

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