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The substance of this project report is the original work of the three partners and due references and acknowledgments have been made where necessary to the work of others. No part of this report has been already accepted for any degree and it is not being currently submitted in the candidature of any degree. Turnitin based plagiarism report with this document as ANNEX. The acceptable similarity is 10 at max. Countersigned By Manager. This project is dedicated to our parents who sacrificed their present for our future and tried beyond their resources and expectations to give us all the facilities and happiness of life. They are entirely responsible for all of our educational achievements and accomplishments without their faith, acceptance, affection, love, support, appreciation and the values which they have imparted on us it would not have been possible. They taught us that the best kind of knowledge to have is what we have learned for its own sake.

They taught us that even the largest task can be accomplished if it is done sincerely one step at a time. There is no doubt in our minds that without their continued support and council we would not have been able to accomplish this piece of work. 

Executive Summary. Tops Foods Beverages Company dealing in fruit juices and water from 1969 till now located in Rawalpindi and in the Hattar area of Kyber Pakhtun Khuwa under Murree Brewery. It's been many years that it is dealing in all these products and a successful brand functioning while having many competitors and having to expand its business in the entire state of Pakistan. Keeping in view the current scenario of the company and the market environment field, work problem identification and problem-solving become a focal point. To do continuous improvement and increase customer satisfaction. it may lead to strengthen the brand name and help in earning a considerable profit. Our document is targeting the problem which minimizes the overall profit of the Tops Food and Beverages to present a viable solution that ensures that the company can perform more effectively and can increase profit. Tops' objective is to create a statewide sales staff, establish strong sales and maintain tight control of cost and operation during expansion. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS, ACRONYMS, KEYWORDS: IT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES, MBC,  MURREE BREWERY, National Sales Manager, NSM Senior Sales Manager, SSM Sale Supervisor. TABLE OF CONTENTS DOCUMENT HISTORY 1 DECLARATION, 2 DEDICATION, 3 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, 4 LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS ACRONYMS, 5 KEYWORDS, 5 LIST OF USEFUL WEBSITES, 5 TABLE OF CONTENTS, 6 CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION, 7 1 1 PURPOSE, 7 1 2 LIMITATIONS, 7 Products, 7 Data Limitations, 8 Impact of Limitation, 8 CHAPTER TWO FIELD STUDY, 9 2 1 BUSINESS PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION, 10 2 2 CAUSE’S OF THE PROBLEM, 10 2 3 ACTUAL AND POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCE’S OF THE PROBLEM, 11 2 4 RECOMMENDATIONS, 12 CHAPTER ONE.

 INTRODUCTION, History of Tops Food and Beverages. Tops Food Beverages a division of the Company was established in 1969 It procedures fruits and markets fruit juices, and related food products. A Tetra Pak packaging capability was incorporated in 2001. The Hatter unit was fixed in 1992. Two manufacturing units are situated in Rawalpindi and Hattar KPK separately. The plant is based on a Recuperative Melter and two Emhart I S. Bottle manufacturing machinery and has the up to date quality control kit for online inspection of bottles. The Murree Breweries is one of the oldest public firms of the subcontinent. The shares of Murree Breweries were traded on the Calcutta Stock Exchange in 1902 and are now the oldest ongoing industrial of Pakistan. In 1997 1998 and 1998 1999 Murree Breweries are in the top 25 performing public companies by the KSE 1 1. Purpose The major aim of creating this report is to bridge the gaps that are present in Tops Food and Beverages and to empower the company's brand name to earn a considerable amount of profit. Keeping in view the current scenario of the company and the market environment fieldwork problems, identification and problem solving become a focal point as to do continuous improvement, increases customer satisfaction leads to strengthening the brand name and helps in earning a considerable profit. Our document targeting the problems which minimizing the overall profit of the tops Food and Beverages presents a viable solution that ensures that the company can perform more effectively and can increases profit. 1 2 Limitations Products. This document provides a wide array way for Tops Food and Beverages of professionally trained employees for quality value delivering The products provided by the Tops Food and Beverages include Fruits Malts soft drinks TOPS Tetra Pack. TOPS TETRA PACK 250 ML Squash NR Juice and Sauces Comparison with a competitor. This document compares the sales force and marketing operations only with Nestlé's sales force and marketing operations.

Data Limitations. It is the difference of its kind of document. Prior to this, no related document has been created out. Therefore we lack the adequate primary data sources and are unable to draw conclusions based upon the documents of others. Major lack of data puts the present documents at risk of being manipulated in the long run due to external forces and biased answers. Impact of Limitation. Every dark cloud has a silver lining although we lack prior document data it also serves as a blessing in disguise for the document. Since no one worked on this fieldwork before this means that there is vacant fieldwork with zero competition that can be filled and the present document can enjoy and establish a monopoly in the given field and reap the profits all by itself. CHAPTER TWO FIELD STUDY. A field study is a general method for collecting data about users, user needs and product requirements that involves observation and interviewing. Data are collected about task flows inefficiencies and the organizational and physical environments of users. Tops Foods and Beverage’s Field Study. We collect data about company marketing, company sales force, how the operations going on in the organization and what strategy the company is following and what kind of changes they can make. Collecting Data through Observation. Our whole group members visited Tops Food and Beverage and one of our group members did an internship out there to observe the operations very closely.

Our Observations are following Data collection through Interviews. We had conducted the interviews from the management of Tops factory Management and also from tops factory salesforce. Interview conducted from Sales Manager of Tops Factory Interview form Tops SalesForce. Sales channels Interview from Nestle sales force. We did interview from sales force of Tops Company Comparison of sales force structure of Tops with Nestl.e TOPS NESTLE 1 National Sales Manager, NSM 1 National Sales Manager, NSM 2 Senior Sales Manager, 2 Senior Sales Manager, 3 Sale Supervisor, S S S 3 Sale Supervisor,r S S S 4 Sales Man Deepo S M D, 4 Sales Man Deepo S M D 5, Sales Man 5 Order Booker, 6 Louder 6 Sales Manager, 7 Driver, 8 Louder. 2 1 Business Problem Identification. No order booker in salesforce that increases the workload on Sales Man. The major problem is that the Company doesn’t provide Chillers for their product to retail shops. No sale on credit or on the invoice. The company did not focus on advertisement. Hiring Verifications is very complicated. Attendance is conducted manually like still conducted by card punching system. The networking of the company with its department is very weak. 2 2 Cause of the Problem Companies hiring is very weak so they haven’t identified the right job for the right person. The company sales manager is not considering the importance of order bookers. The company considers it is extra expense for them to bear the cost of chillers, the maintenance cost of chillers and the electricity expanse. Company management considers they have not many resources to do much publicity like nestle so they cannot compete in nestle strength. As the company's sales force is not enough as they don't have order booker in salesforce, so they are not able to manage credit or invoices. Retail shopkeepers are more interested to get the product at invoice or on credit because their first aim to avoid the risk of their sales.

As the company head office is near the Pakistan Army House so their hiring policies are very complicated. The average age of top-level management is above 53 years old and also because of their complicated hiring process, talented managers don't want to come so there is a lack of new ideas or innovation in operations. That's why they are conducting the attendance of their employees in a very old manner. They don’t have a strong IT department. That's why they have weak networking among their departments. Due to mismanagement of attendance, there is a problem in giving rewards to employees. The company is mismanaging their products as they move products in market according to LIFO. 2 3 Actual and Potential Consequence’s of the Problem Company is not able to do effective sales because they don’t have order booker in salesforce structure of Company and salesman in heavy workload as he is performing three duties like order booker salesman and Driving due to which sales volume is lesser than its competitors nestle. Retail shops are not able to present Tops products in front of customers which decrease their sales. Tops are not able to increase their sales because of less advertisement without publicity how customer come to know their products have good quality until the company provides information to them. Retail shopkeepers avoid purchasing products of tops for their resale for final consumption. That decrease tops sale. The company is mismanaging its internal operations and its external operations. That ultimately affect the Topps company overall performance. This is all because of weak networking. Sometimes a large portion of the company's product is stuck and comes at the expiry date. 2 4 Recommendations The company should have to add order bookers in its sales force structure. The company should have to provide Chillers to the retail shopkeepers for the final representation of Tops products. The company should manage to do a sale on credit or on the invoice for retail shopkeepers. Company should focus on advertisement. The company should have to make its hiring verification policies very easy. The company should conduct their employee attendance by bariatric system. The company should have to develop a strong IT department By hiring capable effective IT engineers.

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