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Advantages as well the disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative research methods for researching intimacy

Introduction. I will explain the advantages as well as the disadvantages of quantitative and qualitative research methods for researching intimacy. I will mention the influence of integrating both approaches through the two cases below. The Kinsey survey in which the purpose was to perform a sampling technique that involved over 18000 interviews which were recorded as the entire representative of the US society. Lastly, I will discuss the second case of The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes Lifestyles called also the Natsal study team which was set up in the UK in 1990 as the consequence of the outbreak of HIV, AIDs. The Advantages of Quantitative Qualitative methods. The Kinsey survey conducted which was on a large scale mostly as there included over 18000 interviews. The statistic which was extracted from the questioning revealed in two of the Kinsey's publications. Kinsey et al 1948 which it provides a representation of US society. The benefit of this outcome was the discovery that will utilize a possibly sampling method but the Kinsey study revealed that the survey was done in a manner that derived the sampling method from his previous work. Kinsey's sampling was considered even as infancy in the late '30s but was enhanced over time. The Kinsey surveys win their reputation through his position on academic work on the North American gall wasps. These were carrying on as the result of his study by taking different samples from a distinct area from Canada to Mexico Gathorne Hardy J 2005. It is an acceptance to admit that Kinsey applied his research on the benefit by proposing volunteers were surveyed by who Kinsey looked as sought out as well who sought him out. The Kinsey distinction view was and thriving were the evident disparity was the Natsal selected for as well as a wholly balanced questionnaire Wellings et al 1994.

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Book Review

The Crucible by Arthur Miller. A small Puritan town deals with the troubles of lies, integrity, witchcraft, and infidelity. After a regrettable affair committed between Abigail Williams and John Proctor Abigail spreads lies of witchcraft in the town for a mixture of vengeance and deflection. Many innocent people are forced to confess to witchcraft and those who don't are sent to be hung. Proctor must put his integrity first and confess to his adultery to save the lives of others. Although some may say that John Proctor is being a bad father by leaving behind his family he is showing his sons how to be honorable men. John Proctor is justified in dying because he would rather die than live with his inner conflict blacken his name and have his children think he is a liar and dishonorable. John Proctor's decision to die was the only resolution to his inner conflict with himself. The adultery John commits with Abigail causes him to not forgive himself. As Proctor argues with Elizabeth his wife, he professes. Because it speaks deceit and I am honest. But I'll plead no more, I see now your spirit twists around the single error of my life and I will never tear in free 62. Proctor explains how he can never tear the guilt away from him. He clearly regrets his affair and with the knowledge that he will never be able to forgive himself, his commitment to death was his only resolution. As John confesses his adultery to Danforth in Act 3 to save Elizabeth readers detect more of his guilt. "God help me I lusted and there is a promise in such sweat but it is a whore vengeance and you must see it. I set myself entirely in your hands I know you must see it now 110.

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The novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

The setting is 1930’s Maycomb County Alabama, Imagine the sights. Everywhere 2 bolded signs letting everyone know that one section is for COLORED and one section is for WHITES as if being a different race other than white is some sort of crime. A little girl with pigtails and ribbons in her hair with a freshly starched dress playing hopscotch while another girl in overalls and a ponytail running through the fields with dirt all over herself. Or that one house on that one street that everyone has their own rendition of the story about the old man who never has been seen in public in years and some chaotic background story of him to match. The main characters of Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird struggle with prejudice and rumours throughout the length of the novel. Setting foreshadowing and point of view are all factors in supporting the theme of prejudice of the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. The setting of Alabama in 1930’s was a very racist time period. It was not only The Great Depression but also a time where White Supremacy groups began to retaliate against colored civilians. Segregation was becoming more and more popular across South America and whites saw themselves as above every other race therefore didn’t have to treat them with any respect. Black people were harshly forced away from jobs and lucky ones were able to get unskilled work picking cotton or pecans like character Tom Robinson. When Tom Robinson sat in that courtroom prejudice hate racism stubbornness and oblivion flooded in with every white person that sat down.

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Common Sense by Thomas Paine

Common Sense by Thomas Paine addresses his political concerns about the design of the government's current affairs and also argues that America’s independence is inevitable continuing along its current path. Paine uses figurative language such as simile antithesis, negative tone and foreshadows to argue the British government’s sinister ways are wrong and will cause America’s battle for independence. The entirety of Paine s work foreshadows America s independence from Great Britain using deduction and reasoning of the current condition of their relationship. Should a thought so fatal and unmanly possess the colonies in the present contest, the name of ancestors will be remembered by future generations with detestation Paine 17. Paine implies in this passage that the reputation of Great Britain is so bad that when colonies look back on it they will be ashamed and disgusted which can be reasoned as America wants to be independent. Let Britain wave her pretensions to the continent or the continent throw off the dependence and we should be at peace with France and Spain were they at war with Britain Paine 18. What America wants is stated here. Britain is soiling the dependence America has on them and America does not want to deal with Britain’s foreign affairs. The advocates for reconciliation now will be wishing for separation then because neutrality, in that case, would be a safer convoy than a man of war Paine 20 21.

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The Scarlet Letter Adultery and Punishment of Hester Prynne by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The punishments in The Scarlet Letter such as the public humiliation of Hester Prynne and the execution of Miss Hibbins were true to how Puritans realistically punished those who committed crimes in their society. There were many ideals in Puritan society that set standards for how people of the Puritan religion should live their lives. If an action goes against an ideal it is deemed as a crime. Between disobeying the rules of the Sabbath committing adultery and even witchcraft punishments were given accordingly. Depending on the severity of the action in the eyes of powerful figures, in the society punishments ranged merely from public humiliation to even death. Many of the crimes seem unreasonable as numerous laws in present-day are completely different. Although the laws may seem unreasonable it is what Puritans and many others believed in the sixteenth century as seen in the Two Elizabethan Puritan Diaries. The most striking feature of the Puritan way of life revealed in the diaries is the overwhelming predominance of the ethical element. It was the good rather than the beautiful or the true which occupied the Puritan mind Knappen. This statement was exemplified in Nathaniel Hawthorne's Scarlet Letter when Hester Prynne was known to have committed adultery. Immediately, Hester was shunned and forced into public humiliation, a punishment that held true to traditional Puritan punishment. As Hester transforms the meaning of the A from adultery to able by helping the poor she proves that her soul is good.

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