Essay Example on The threat posed during and after the usage of Chemical Weapons.










Honorable Chair and fellow delegates of all member states of the United Nations. All throughout the world, the global nation has begun to face a rapid and extensive modification of technology, than in other periods of history causing substantial benefits along with devastating side effects. Chemical weapons its modern notion being emerged from the 19th century has brought inevitable happenings throughout the world, not to mention various fatalities, ecological problems along with the disposal problems of unexploded ordnances. Although the global community is aware of the threat posed during and after the usage of chemical weapons some nations are still hesitant in eliminating or ceasing to use them. This passive attitude forced the advent of international organizations such as OPCW for seeking effective implementation of the reasonable limitations and elimination for the goals, aimed to resolve the ongoing threat and the influence to humanity. Chrystia Freeland the Canadian Minister of Foreign affairs proclaimed. The use of chemical weapons by any actor is a breach of international law, continued impunity is unacceptable and the perpetrators must be held to account. Canada once a producer and a developer of chemical weapons has realized the severity and devoted a great amount of effort to safely destroying them and currently has no chemical weapons or production facilities.

Thus as a nation, Canada possesses a high responsibility in regarding safe abrogation along with prohibiting the usage. In 2002 Canada took an active part in the Global Partnership against the spread of WMD and as a contribution to preventing further damage the Canadian government has established WDM Threat Reduction Program WDMTRP. Through its projects around the world, the WMDTRP works with partner countries, international organizations and non-governmental organizations to prevent detect and respond to CBRN threats, strengthen global networks and international initiatives and therefore having a tangible positive impact on Canadian and global security. The Canadian government has persistently shown ardent passion towards prohibiting the proliferation of chemical weapons and surely does realize the catastrophic consequences they hold if not prohibited Alarmed and concerned by the threats, the global world is facing and in accordance to its realization, the Canadian government provides funds and technical expertise to the OPCW UN. Joint Investigative Mechanism OPCW UN JIM and the OPCW fact-finding mission. These contributions make Canada one of the largest donors in the global effort to end the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Through WMDTRP’s chemical weapons programming.

Canada has provided over 20 million dollars to assist in the destruction of Syria’s chemical weapons program and support verification and investigation activities. One of the major problems of the proliferation of chemical weapons is that its usage may not be acknowledged but have a crucial impact within a wide variety of areas concerning the environment ecosystem and the future generation. Therefore we should focus on the establishment of a monitoring system to inspect the procedure of destruction along with determining the alleged usage in order to sanction them. Canada promises continuous providence and support for WMDTRP for the destruction efforts in Syria, Libya and Iraq, and also for the OPCW UN. JIM for the deeper and accurate investigation in the usage of chemical weapons not only economically but also with technical expertise. Acknowledging the role as a delegate of one of the most influential countries in the world this delegate highly considers that Canada will persistently show unmoved attention towards the solution of this agenda.

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