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To whom it may concern. I am writing to apply for the MSW program at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. My interest in social work spans as far back as I can remember. As a child, I would always be that student that enjoyed helping others in life. I have always wanted to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. I would see students struggling with personal issues and would ask if there was anything that I could do to help them out. I became more interested in social work because of the help that they provide for families and the impact that it has on someone's life. I believe this program's curriculum focus on exactly what I am interested in doing and also my passion drive and skills will further my knowledge. In addition to my educational experience, I actively found work experiences in social work-related fields by volunteering. Becoming a future social work has helped me to make society a better place by giving back to people who are less fortunate than me. I have been volunteering since I was a sophomore in high school and the impact that I had on the client’s life changed mines for the better. The first place that I volunteered at was St Joseph s Hospital located in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

 I helped out on the pediatric therapy floor by assisting the staff with sanitizing the toys, wiping off the playmats, washing the dishes to limit the spread of germs from one child to another. I also had the responsibility of filing the patient’s records into the locked file cabinets. The experience I gained from being there expressed my interest in wanting to volunteer more so I went and volunteered at the Hunger Task Force. The knowledge that I gained from helping out different families just by giving them a box with food helped me open my heart even more. I know that just because someone is coming to receive food does not mean that they want to be in a situation that they are in. I never judge a book by its cover and being there I also learned how to enter data into the system because the number of people in the household can change and to make it fair for each family they all receive the same things. One of the most rewarding things I was able to do this summer was my internship at the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee.

The experience was like no other because I started the first month that I was there working on files at the Human Resource Center located within the Club itself. I was able to call families and ask them if they would be renewing their family applications or moving to a different location. The different backgrounds that each family has are unique because no child is turned away just because they are not able to make the payments. The resource center would go out and ask for donations to keep the program going during my last two months at the Club I was moved downstairs with the children and interacted with them daily. The program was designed so that the children would be able to eat breakfast lunch and dinner, but also the staff members would help with homework. I am proud to have made it this far as I have faced a lot of adversity. From losing my grandmother in 2015, to the death of my great grandmother this year and also my mother battling her illness. Because of the experiences that I have been faced with I have learned to push through and persevere. Through my life experiences, I have learned to take full advantage of the opportunities that are given to me. I am blessed to have a good support system standing behind me as I take on the next step of finishing school and this is why I will succeed towards my full potential by obtaining my Master’s in Social Work.

Although I have faced these unfortunate experiences looking back down the road that I have once walked to get where I am today nothing can stop me from going on it, only motivated me to do better. When I looked at my peers and children being put into the system it makes me wonder what has brought them here. With there being a plethora of reasons as to why I do not believe that they all deserve to be where they are at. This is why it has been my passion to work with children, young, adults and their families to make sure they are on the right path. Being able to use me as the light of adversity it shows others that no matter the circumstances it is possible to be successful with hard work and determination, but also having people who care about you. Most importantly they are not the only ones it their situation I believe with the coursework knowledge and interactions I will be a part of your institution and earn a Master’s in Social Work.

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