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Randall says Family planning is another area where public policy has had a 62 negative impact on health status and life choices of minority women. 121 Minority women do not have equal access to preventive medicine or the full range of birth control options available. Barriers include a lack of family planning services or facilities in their communities. This is totally unfair on all levels because African American females have just as much right to start a family as white females, Gita Sen and Piroska Östlin from Unequal Unfair Ineffective and Inefficient Gender Inequity in Health. Why it exists and how we can change it, says Women have less land wealth and property in almost all societies, yet they have higher burdens of work in the economy of care ensuring the survival reproduction and security of people including young and old Elson 1993. Girls in some contexts are fed less, educated less and more physically restricted and women are typically employed and segregated in lower-paid, less secure and informal occupations.

 Women are not appreciated as much as they should be. They do lots of work and don’t get enough credit for it. Especially when that woman is of a different race than white, they are given little credit and this is very unfair. No matter what color or gender everyone should be treated fairly. America has had a massive history of mistreatment towards African Americans. Racial discrimination has been a problem for years and years all the way back to times of severe slavery. Vernellia Randall from the University of Florida says Despite efforts over the past thirty 54 years to eliminate discrimination and reduce racial segregation, there has been little change in the quality of or access to healthcare for many minorities. Racism is an ongoing problem and it is affecting many innocent people. It is making access to health insurance harder for people in the US. Randall says The current health disparity is the cumulative result of both past and current racism. In general, racially disadvantaged groups have less education and fewer educational opportunities. Further racially disadvantaged groups are disproportionately homeless and have significantly poorer housing options.

 In addition, racially disadvantaged groups disproportionately work in the lowest pay and high health risk occupations. However even when you control for income or wealth racism and racial discrimination continues to exist and thus race matters in health status. In all different countries, people of different origins have been treated medically and socially in different ways and this has given us an unfair social structure in society over the years. In the past, African Americans have been excluded from clinical and therapeutic trials that seek to uncover risk factors for disease and offer life-saving new treatments. Consider the infamous federally funded Tuskegee syphilis experiment shut down in 1972 which denied treatment to hundreds of African American men suffering from the disease says Lindsey Konkel from Newsweek. It is in no way fair to exclude anyone from the care they deserve and that means that everyone needs to be included in the future of science In the past whites have mistreated other races terribly and today we still are.

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