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Disasters Final In 2002 a mysterious disease swept through China

Disasters Final In 2002 a mysterious disease swept through China killing many and eventually spreading around the world and causing havoc internationally This disease which was eventually named and discovered a few years later was SARS or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome This atypical pneumonia is extremely contagious and is spread through coughing sneezing and talking to someone who is infected This can either be passed directly through contact with the droplets or by touching an object that had the droplets on it like a door knob This disease spread quickly around to unknowing travelers around the world The disease usually starts with flu like symptoms but can be identified once the person begins to get an extremely high fever and is usually followed with pneumonia The disease can be treated but can become extremely dangerous and fatal if it is pushed off too long Most people usually die due to respiratory failure but can also die from heart failure as well In 2002 this first spread through China and led to many people dying due to the government not informing the people and not treating the people properly at the time which eventually helped lead to the disease spreading worldwide Around November 2002 in Foshan China was the first case recorded of SARS though they did not know what it was at the time Initially the doctors believed that the man had a new strain of the flu but were confused when he was not getting better and was only getting worse However though the hospital reported the case the government didn't test it for a long time and kept all the information they discovered secret to the public when they did This caused fear and rumors around the area as people tried to figure out what is was and how they could possibly prevent it from spreading more 

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