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Research aiming to understand how couples from Dissimilar

Bhugun 2017 carried out a research aiming to understand how couples from dissimilar cultural background manage their differences in educating their children Previous studies revealed that the number of intercultural couples has risen in Australia due to several factors including the increase of incomers Owen 2002 cited in Bhugun D 2017 Also differences in principles practices beliefs behaviours and language barriers only become a problem when these couples start having children Romano 2001 cited in Bhugun D 2017 According to Bradford Burns Vaughn and Barker 2007 cited in Bhugun D 2017 disagreements in parental ideals can affect children s psychological wellbeing Romano 2001 cited in Bhugun D 2017 proposed four solutions to overcome the challenges faced by intercultural parents He said that foreigner parents could conform to culture of the country where they live or both parents could make concessions on some of their beliefs and practices He added that the couple could either put their cultures aside and adopt one not theirs or keep vital aspects of both cultures and show mutual acceptance A qualitative and social constructionist approach was preferred for this study as it helps to obtain detailed illustrations of participants experiences 14 couples from various cultures and socioeconomic status all from South east Queensland took part to the investigation Participants were found via a renowned local radio station and newspaper an online publication a list of contacts from community workshop and via snowball method 

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