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Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences. 150-word limit. Sitting cross-legged on the woven plastic mat a chaapa upon the stage I tune the shruti box to my pitch F sharp. Dressed in a flowy red and green Langa voni I'm facing the audience and the row of Hindu deities intricately carved into the temple's marble wall. Once I position the mic in front of my mouth I begin singing. As I progress through the song a wave of tranquility passes over me even though the song's Sanskrit lyrics are hundreds of years old. I feel the emotion they express through the melody, I recollect the story behind the song as told by my music teacher and feel connected with my culture. For the past twelve years, the art of Indian Carnatic vocal music has given me a form of expression. I unleash my creativity through singing At Brown. I hope to continue sharing my love for music through Brown Barsaat. 

The School of Engineering offers 9 concentration options including Sc B degrees in Biomedical Engineering, Chemical, Biochemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Materials Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering as well as an A B degree in Engineering. And a joint program with the Department of Physics leading to an Sc B degree in Engineering and Physics. Since there is a common core curriculum within Engineering students need not select a specific area until their junior year.

We are curious to know however if any particular program within Engineering presently appeals to you. What experiences and or courses beyond school work have broadened your interest in Engineering 350 words. Puzzles Legos and competitive math were my first forays into the problem-solving nature of engineering but certainly not my last During the summer after 10th grade I stumbled upon a video about programming games in the Python language Intrigued I spent the summer teaching myself Python through online courses I wanted to learn more so I signed up for Java Programming in school. However, I wasn't able to take the class due to scheduling conflicts so I asked the computer science teacher to borrow the class textbook and taught myself Java. I furthered my experience in programming this past summer at the Wolfram Alpha High School Summer Camp where I worked on a project with a mentor. After researching cellular automata I wrote a program that generated one-dimensional neighbor, dependent cellular automata to explore the patterns in these discrete models.

After camp, I interned at a computer security company where I wrote a Python program to analyze two flows of data and detect suspicious data files that are transmitted between two computers. Through my internship, I learned a lot about computer security cybersecurity and computer networks. In addition to these experiences in computer science, I had the opportunity to explore various fields of engineering through the Women In Technology Program at BAE Systems. During the program, I found myself most drawn to Software and Electrical Engineering. Through hands-on projects involving programming robots and producing electricity from fruits my interest in computer science intensified and I quickly developed a liking for the nature of circuitry. I also got to speak with female engineers at BAE Systems and seeing their enthusiasm and passion for their work, confirmed that engineering was the perfect career field for me. Through Computer Engineering I can combine my interests in computer science and electrical engineering to solve societal problems. Computer engineers work on solutions for complex issues in cybersecurity machines, intelligence networks and embedded systems all of which are areas of interest to me. As a computer engineer, I can be an active member of the group of pioneers that creates high impact innovations through creativity and technology.

Why are you drawn to the areas of study you indicated earlier in this application. If you are undecided or not sure which Brown concentrations match your interests consider describing more generally the academic topics or modes of thought that engage you currently. 150-word limit. Instead of Lego sets that came with instructions to build spaceships or buses my younger brother and I had tubs of variously colored and shaped Legos. Through creativity and problem solving we troubleshoot scarcity issues whenever we ran out of a specific brick we used multiple bricks in place of it. My interest in Computer Engineering and Economics stems from this childhood pastime. I can translate my passion for problem-solving and helping others to create impactful innovations through Computer Engineering. As CE is a highly interdisciplinary field I'll call upon my creativity and collaboration skills from my Lego building days to aid me in tackling problems. Through Economics I can combine my interests in psychology, history, and mathematics to analyze and solve issues such as scarcity, just as I did when building with Legos. Together both concentrations will train me to be a dynamic engineer who understands the context of her work. Why Brown and why Brown Curriculum 200. Only at Brown would I be able to truly integrate my interdisciplinary interests which range across psychology, chemistry, mathematics and beyond.

Without the confines of course requirements, I can learn at the intersections of these academic interests, through unique courses such as Behavioral Economics and The Physics of Solar Cells. The shopping period would allow me to sample the numerous courses. Brown offers each semester helping me to explore subjects I haven't been exposed to. As a hopeful engineering concentrator taking courses outside of STEM will give me unique perspectives and best quip me to tackle problems. Brown's research programs are unrivaled through the UTRA program. I hope to combine Computer Engineering with Neurotechnology and work with Professor Leigh Hochberg at the LEMS Laboratory. At Brown, I'm confident that the collaborative environment will allow me to contribute to the community. I would love to work with local students and through Brown SWE I can work with my peers to mentor female students and encourage them to pursue STEM. I look forward to being part of Brown's active student body and participate in Brown's traditions from the Midnight Organ Recital to Campus Dance. I can't wait to be a part of it all.

Tell us where you have lived and for how long since you were born whether you've always lived in the same place or perhaps in a variety of places. 100-word limit.

 I spent the first two years of my life living on the third floor of an apartment in Lowell Massachusetts. All I remember is playing with a bubble machine on the balcony. But the next fifteen years of my life in Nashua, New Hampshire the place I call home was much more memorable. I live on a 1.4-mile long street I measured with many of my friends. Over the years we've gone on numerous adventures everything from exploring the bike trail network in our neighborhood to more recently PokémonGo hunts. And hopefully, I'll call Brown my next home. We all exist within communities or groups of various sizes origins and purposes pick one and tell us why it is important to you and how it has shaped you. 100-word limit.

We ate squid meat in the Bahamas. We ziplined uncomfortably high above the ground. We rode Kingda Ka at Six Flags. We're adventurers. From the second I was born I had a group of best friends by my side, my family friends who are more like siblings. After 17 years of our adventures of trying new things, I've learned to embrace the unknown. With their support, I was able to become more outgoing knowing they always had my back allowed me to take the first few bold leaps towards confidence. I look forward to new experiences they allow me to explore.

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