Essay Example on Applying to US University to study Computer Science as a Graduate student

Introduction. We are in the middle of a technological and computing evolution that will potentially change our lives. In the width of a decade, we’ve gone from the internet being a rarity for residential homes to being able to access the web from handheld devices practically everywhere. Many apps are created every day and Moores Law continues to drive our computing power. I am very excited at the prospect of devoting my long term career to such a dynamically advancing field. Ever since I was a teen I have enjoyed computers and experimenting with different applications. As with the rise of the modern computing revolution, I can sense that there are still many developments to come in this field. Experience at bachelor's level It was natural for me to choose Computer Science as my major and now as I near the end of my undergraduate studies it is my immediate goal to continue my education in a more elite and competitive environment.

My longing interest in this direction was another promising point which gave me an edge over other students. I excelled it with FIRST DIVISION 7 02 10 CGPA and was appreciated for the depth and clarity of my knowledge and the way in which I presented my papers. My academic experience thus far has provided me with a wide range of practical knowledge and skills that will be immensely useful when studying overseas at the graduate level. As a high school student, I excelled in courses related to mathematics and social sciences I was blessed during this time to have teachers who saw my interest in these subjects and encouraged me to continue developing my analytical skills and deepen my understanding. It was due to their guidance and advice that I chose to major in Computer Science in the college. As an undergraduate I found that I deeply enjoyed learning about Data Analysis and Programming and with my strong statistical background I performed very well in courses concerning statistics and differential equations, why ms I am applying to join MS in Computer Science program in the fall of 2018. I'm convinced that I am well prepared for the challenges of studying in your master’s program because of my academic and practical background which I have described above. Now in addition to my specialized knowledge of computer science, I have a specific interest in travel. There is only one good destination for my postgraduate studies the USA a country which stands at the center of the computing industry. The US has been the heart of innovation in computing and the most innovative and successful companies in this field are based there. Studying overseas in the US will thus give me not only a greater range of professional skills but also a much broader more international exposure. I am comfortable adapting to new situations and interacting with people who are different from my qualities, which will be tremendously useful when studying in the USA. .

Short term and long term goals. After I graduate from your program I will be uniquely prepared to face the challenges of the international business world. My short term goal is to seek employment in the USA, that could serve as a practical supplement to my education. In the long term, I plan to return to my country where the fast-developing economy requires experts. The role of computer science will be of increased importance in the coming years and I plan to use my computing background to assist in to make up for an innovative force in the computing world. Your master's program in Information Management will allow me to achieve these goals and I therefore greatly appreciate your consideration of my application. 

Why this Univ check. Having done a rigorous groundwork in traditional computer science now I am in a position to peep into the realm of higher studies. I am hardworking and sincere in all my ventures I am an aspiring person with colossal willpower. It has been my long-cherished dream to become a researcher and eventually come out as a good software engineer provided enough to contribute to the larger community. I think your University is the right place that would suit my aspirations and interests. If you offer me a chance to prove myself as a student it would be a fine opportunity to realize my dreams and to give proper fulfillment to my academic career.

Extracurricular Activities. In addition to the courses that I have taken, I have been active outside of the classroom pursuing new experiences and participating in extracurricular activities so as to push myself and widen my views for Instance. Furthermore when my city Chennai was devastated by a natural disaster, As a member of the Chennai Volunteer ChennaiVolunteers org I volunteered to help the victims as an organizer which involved providing food blankets and other supplies as needed. Aside from the communication and leadership skills this experience offered me what I found most valuable is the understanding of the importance of service and helping those in need. Finally, in the university I worked as a coordinator the science club a role I took on in order to meet new people and learn a new range of skills. As these experiences show I am highly motivated and active at learning new skills and experiencing new things. This is why I have decided to continue challenging myself by studying for a master's degree in the USA.
Conclusion. Summarizing all put down above I believe that my serious intention for a study my projects and strong academic background in various areas of Computer Science will be beneficial for my graduate studies and research. Attending your eminent institution would give me an opportunity to receive high-level education under the guidance of outstanding professors and excellent teachers I would regard my admission to Texas Tech University not only as a great honor but also as a great responsibility and challenge to prove myself. Thank you for considering me as a prospective graduate student at your University.

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