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Throughout history scholars have been Grappling

Throughout history scholars have been grappling with the need to understand why early Indians embraced Christianity As such it is a vexing issue for students of history of Religion in American Providentially past literature has helped improve the understanding of the riddle In the wave of studies on Indian history Linford Fisher found himself writing a book how Indian Americans reacted in the face of pervasive Christianity This book has given me solid information how the trend of religious conversions was The Indian Great Awakening contributes immensely to the understanding of the Indians in the southeastern New England and natives and their perception of Christianity The book provides a concise account of the engagement with Christianity in the 18th century and early 19th century This book provides a gripping of how faiths beliefs institutions interacted during a time of colonialism and the strive for cultural survival This book by Linford Fisher gives an account of how the encounter of New England Natives with Christianity rapidly and completely changed the religious affiliations of the Indian communities Notably religious conversions are usually very powerful This book is replete with cases of intercultural and interreligious interactions which resulted in religious conversions The obsession with religious conversion has fueled religions to do various initiatives with the aim of spreading a meticulous set of practices of their religion The aim of spreading religion to new cultures was to exterminate perceived falsehood deep rooted heathenry and paganism The idea of religious conversion is that it involves the rejection of a particular way of life and thinking and embracing a new system of beliefs The two main competing religions presented by Fisher in the book are Islam known as Medieval Mediterranean and Chritianity also referred to as Early Modern Americas 

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