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The Edmonton city is the capital of Alberta province Canada

GENERAL INFORMATION ABOUT EDMONTON The Edmonton city is the capital of Alberta province Canada and located on the bank of North Saskatchewan River Edmonton Alberta was unified as a city in 1904 and is in the geographical region of Alberta province Edmonton is also known as Gateway to the North Edmonton is situated in a very strategic location between the highly productive farmlands of central Alberta and mineral resource rich northern hinterland With the increase in the production of Athabasca oil sands around the early 2000s Edmonton gained fast rate of growth in infrastructure development and attract people from all of Canada EDMONTON LOCATION and AREA In Canada it is on the west side of the country but in Alberta, on east side and neighbor to Saskatchewan province of Canada The latitude of Edmonton is approximately same as the Manchester Germany England and hams burg with the time zone same as Salt Lake City Denver Phoenix Queen Elizabeth 2nd Highway Four lane route make Edmonton one hub of economically great Edmonton Calgary Corridor provide connectivity to Calgary Edmonton city is situated on Yellow Head Highway an imperative east west route that the way to the port of Prince Rupert on the Pacific Ocean and directly leads to shipping and trading hubs in Winnipeg Saskatoon and Sask Edmonton has an efficient railway connectivity links it with the deep water ports of Prince Rupert that ultimately make both cities a business important link in Asia

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