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Inspiration is a term often used when some able bodied Individual

Inspiration is a term often used when some able bodied individual witnesses a person with a disability competing or participating in a challenging activity despite a physical impairment When a person witnesses another person with a disability doing something impressive they often think to themselves What's my excuse This is a phrase that often convoys what is designed as motivational images portraying these scenarios Some people may see disabilities as a weakness or limitation However there are others who see these disabilities not as a limitation but an opportunity A chance to strive for more and accomplish what many only can dream of My brother Tyler faced these challenges and overcame his disability When my parents had their first child the doctors showed them the sonogram and said he had both arms However when he was born with only one arm they were obviously a little surprised Yet that did not change anything My father told me We were perfectly fine he was healthy and that's the important part Plus you love your kids no matter what the obstacles As my brother grew up he had to find his own way doing what worked best for him For a while he tried using a prosthetic but he found that was something he did not like using So for most of his life he had to figure out how to do everything with just one hand While being very determined he never let anything stop him once he put his mind to it

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