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As health care providers it is important that we keep Up

In this world there is a constant evolvement of technology and its information information systems and the science of information As health care providers it is important that we keep up with the ever evolving technology and how to navigate it to advance the way we take help patients in the care setting With the coming and advancement of technology in the healthcare field it is our job as healthcare team members to navigate this technology and help patients to the best of our abilities From my own clinical experiences I was able to identify how nurses use informatics in the care setting and how it was used for my patients stay in the hospital and how it improved their care and treatment During my last clinical experience I was assigned a patient by my instructor whose condition I couldn t learn about until I utilized the electronic health record on the computers According to chapter two in Nursing Informatics book this is what is called a computer based information system or CBIS for short These systems are a combination of hardware software and telecommunications networks that people build and use to collect create and distribute useful data typically in organized settings McGonigle Mastrian 2018 So being able to access the system where all patient s information was stored helped me look more into my patient's history and current condition to learn more about the processes going on in the patient's body 

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