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Structural Functionalism also known as Functionalism

Structural Functionalism also known as Functionalism is a theory credited to Emile Durkheim for developing This is a theory that seeks to explain social organization and change in terms of the roles performed by different social structures phenomena and institutions Structural Functionalism is theorized that society is a network of interdependent parts that all play a contributing role and work together to secure equilibrium and stability The different parts that serve a function in creating a well balanced society include family religious educational and government institutions In Structural Functionalism deviant behavior in society such as crimes serves a function In this theory it is believed that if deviant behavior did not serve a social function or role then it wouldn't exist because it is a universal occurrence Deviance is punished and labeled in a society practicing Structural Functionalism as a way to reaffirm the morals and what is considered normal of society members It shows the members of society what is acceptable or good and what is unacceptable or bad The Social Conflict Paradigm is rooted in Karl Marx's ideas about power and class the Paradigm searches to explain social organization and change in terms of conflict built into social relationships Unlike Structural Functionalism which emphasizes interdependent parts of society that works to function as a whole The Social Conflict Paradigm emphasizes the root of conflict in society and what divides people It seeks to explain the inevitable conflicts that arise from the way relationships and social institutions are structured and inequality between different social classes genders and ethnic or racial groups Deviance in 

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