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ADVERSE DRUG REACTION MONITORING OF PSYCHOTROPIC DRUGS AND ITS ECONOMICAL IMPACT ON PATIENTS IN A TERTIARY CARE MEDICAL HOSPITAL A PROSPECTIVE STUDY INTRODUCTION Psychiatric diseases are most prevalent modern world problem with high mortality and morbidity Approximately 50 million people are estimated to be suffering from moderate to severe psychotic disorders in India 1 Virtual explosion in psychotropic drugs like antipsychotics antidepressants anti anxiety drugs mood stabilizers in market have been identified as leading cause for cost burden on the patient 2 Due to this proliferation of new drugs in treatment of mental illness newer rare and unreported adverse drug reactions ADRs are expected Prevalence of ADRs due to psychotropic drugs varies from 3 6 to 91 globally which is the root cause of 10 100 patient days in a hospital 3 Reasons for ADR can be attributed to difference in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic parameters drug interactions and various drug metabolites 4 Detection and prevention of ADR at the earliest helps in timely treatment of the disease reducing the cost of treatment improving the compliance and quality of life 5 6 Hence monitoring of ADRs due to psychotropic drugs is very much essential as appropriate therapeutic regimen an be tailored to the patients Estimating the direct cost involved in treating these ADRs is need of the hour as there is scarcity of data on these issues for future improvement in prescription practices of healthcare providers OBJECTIVES

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