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Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Alcoholic Fatty Liver The liver is a highly metabolic organ Viollet et al 2009 It acts as a pivot point between the fasting and feeding states and as such has both catabolic and anabolic capabilities These processes are implicated when an excess of alcohol results in inadequate metabolism endoplasmic reticulum stress and increased fatty acid and triglyceride synthesis all of which lead to steatosis The peroxisome proliferator activated receptor α is critical for alcohol metabolism and when down regulated or depleted results in massive fat accumulation Zeng et al 2012 Bala et al 2016 Sterol regulatory element binding proteins SREBP and 50 adenosine monophosphate activated protein kinase AMPK are also implicated in ALD since they play an important role in regulating lipid metabolism and their expression is altered under alcohol consumption Altamirano and Bataller 2011 Zhang et al 2015 Down regulation of AMPK by alcohol decreases its ability to inactivate SREBP and increases adenylyl cyclase activity contributing to steatosis Garcia et al 2008 

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We live in a world which is constantly facing the threat of Extinction

We live in a world which is constantly facing the threat of extinction due to Global warming Finding sustainable energy with minimal carbon emission is one of the most vital challenges of present times My decision to pursue Postgraduate study is inspired by the desire to combine my creativity with specialized knowledge to explore and enhance sustainable energy for this ever changing world I have chosen Master s in Nuclear Energy as the field of my Masters studies wherein I am determined to obtain a leadership position in the industrial research and innovation I strongly believe that higher education can be the staircase of success if anyone tries to pick the right area that matches with his interest To illustrate my intentions about pursuing chosen Master s in Nuclear Energy I would like to shed some light on my educational background and energy crisis in my country From my secondary education level I had keen interest to spend a lot of time to figure out the logical explanation of mathematical problems I participated in many science fairs organized by different institution to engage myself in competitions like math Olympiad project showcasing etc 

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Before studying Accounting in Context

Before studying Accounting in Context I believed that the accounting profit figure may not always be a measure of the true profit figure I still support this statement that I made in Part 1 of the assignment however it is for more advanced reasons After studying the module my views had been challenged and ideas about whether true profit really exists have changed and been developed In Part 1 I wrote about how accounting profit may not always be the same as true profit because of the estimates used in preparing accounts through the use of accruals and prepayments Sivakumar 2017 I learnt about the International Accounting Standards Board IASB in Accounting in Context and about the standards in detail in Financial Reporting 1 such as IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements It was then I understood why accruals and prepayments were necessary These estimates ensure that there is good information about the financial health of the company For example an invoice in 2018 for the year 2017 should be accrued for its financial year so that the company presents its financial statements for that year Harvard Business Review 2009

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The first author of the gothic novel 1764

The first author of the gothic novel 1764 and the founder of this genre is Horace Walpole The meaning of the word gothic initially refered to something barbarous or to the violent and to wild customs from the Middle Ages Nowadays the definion of a gothic novel has changed its main traits being the supernatural elements mystery horror passion and others Other important characterisic is the way the characters are created Comparing to the early gothic novels where the distinctions between the villan and the hero was very clear the modern ones combine them The protagonist of the novel the hero is mostly evil yet sometimes moral traits can be spotted The difference between the two is ambiguous thus it cannot be concluded whether the character is good or bad The villan hero character s purpose is to challenge the ordinary person The Gothic influence was felt in the Victorian period through the writings of several authors Emily Bronte being one of them In my essay I will analyse the way the characteristics of the Gothic genre are reflected in the novel Wuthering Heights The authors s writing is the tale of a tragic love that consists of multiple gothic elements

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