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There were many factors that led to the establishment of the Canadian Confederation

There were many factors that led to the establishment of the Canadian Confederation The factors were both internal and external The external factors include the threat of American expansion repeal of the corn laws in Britain the end of the reciprocity treaty and fenian raids The internal factors include a political deadlock between East and West Canada potential to build roads and railroads to grow the economy and Western Canada s desire to have Representation by Population All of these factors in someway have led to the establishment of the Canadian Confederation One of the external factors that led to the Canadian Confederation are the fenian raids The Fenians were a group of people in a secret society called the Fenian Brotherhood This organization was formed by Irish Americans and their goals were to end the English rule in Ireland and liberate Canada from Britain When the American Civil War ended they wanted to begin invading the British colonies The Fenians attempted to invade British colonies in British North America on many different occasions There were raids in April of 1866 and june of 1866 These occurred in New Brunswick and East and West Canada The raids that were happening caused panic and alarm in British North America Due to the Fenian Raids they began to convince some people of British North America that there was a need for Confederation

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Genghis Khan Life Death and Resurrection by John Man Book

The use of effective psychological warfare tactics was one of the reasons that led to Genghis khan's rise to power and his victorious accomplishments in his leadership throughout his reign This investigation highlights the significance of using terror through psychological warfare as a vehicle to dominate the enemy By referring back to the definition of terror as a violent or destructive act committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting them their demands it is very clear and authentic that Genghis Khan's rise to power was based on this dilemma On his initial rise to power Genghis Khan vigorously worked to unite the tribes of Magnolia during the early 1200s Some leaders in history have united people by allowing them freedom and rights this was not the case with Genghis Khan He made the tribes of Mongolia come together in a ruthless approach To create a united Mongolia he killed the rulers of all the tribes so there would be no one left to challenge his rule Genghis Khan name translates from the Mongolian Language as the universal leader Thus we can reason that due to his efficacious use of psychological warfare he was able to effectively unify the Mongolian regime which would have otherwise been scattered and his rule would never have been as effective Genghis Khan does not solely mean universal leader but it also has a spiritual significance in which he was a representative of Mongke Koko Tengri the supreme god of the Mongols He was known to say the following which is an example of the common psychological warfare Genghis Khan used upon his rivals I am the flail of God If you had not committed great sins God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you

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