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Arthur Miller’s works meet the American Author Hall of Fame

Arthur Miller is a highly distinguished author and is considered by many to be one of America s greatest writers As distinguished a writer he is Miller deserves to be selected for a spot in the prestigious American Author Hall of Fame His works meet the criteria for the American Authors Hall of Fame since the themes are important to society are unique and have universal appeal Arthur Miller’s works meet the American Author Hall of Fame s first criteria by dealing with themes highly important to society Some serious themes prevalent in his works were antisemitism and economic inequity Christenbury 187 Jewish himself Miler had faced antisemitism first hand In the workforce his bosses and coworkers often discriminated against him Arthur Miller Having personal experience with this form of discrimination a number of Miller works dealt with antisemitism such as his novel Focus which is about the irrationality of discrimination Arthur Miller His major work dealing with economic inequity is Death of a Salesman Like his works about antisemitism Death of a Salesman has a basis in real-life Miller based part of the play on his own experiences during the Great Depression Christenbury 188

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