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The Black Panther Party was an influential socialist Group

The Black Panther Party was an influential socialist group that impacted the civil rights movement starting in late 1966 The work ethic and order of the Black Panther Party was largely influenced by Malcolm X s ideology of militarism being a force for successful change Although there were certain aspects that were charmed by the cool and calmness of Martin Luther King Jr First and foremost it can be inferred that the easily understood influence of Malcolm X s philosophy would be the BPP s exemplified policy of violence and self defense with arms It was clear that Malcolm X had a tendency to overlook the dangers and violence due to his aspiration to achieve what all the Black community had desired concerning having basic human rights As acknowledged in the speech he gave on April 3rd 1964 when he enlivened and invigorated African Americans to support and promote their usage for their right to vote he even went as far as threatened and foreshadowed the government of a possible armed and violent response if any African Americans were denied their entire voting equality infamously stating it s either the ballot or the bullet which the Black Panther Party would further employ as one of their main mottos In order to foster his advocacy in Message to Grassroots Malcolm X had explained that his purpose of armed self defence for Blacks was a not only necessary evil but also stated his reasoning as morally justifiable He highlighted the issue of a revolution without bloodshed being a beggar s dream

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Bill is a long process which usually takes months to be finally passed and Enacted

The passage of a Bill is a long process which usually takes months to be finally passed and enacted The process is as follows Firstly before the Bill is placed at Parliament it is needed to be written This happens when a policy is identified by the relevant government department This policy objective may have been set out in an election manifesto and they process a preliminary report to stimulate public discussion this is called a Green Paper Then after they re happy with that the creation of a White Paper can begin This is a report giving information and proposals on an issue by the government Usually after this the draft can be made When the final draft is completed it will be put forward to Parliament Then the first reading can now happen in the House of Commons This acts as a preliminary notion of the proposed measure and what the Bill includes Afterwards a second hearing occurs with the proposals debated within the House Some of the proposals may be amended after discussion and a vote is occurs on whether the legislation should be enacted Usually a party whip is used an official who makes sure MPs vote to support their party 

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