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The Industrial Revolution occurred in the Eighteenth Century

The Industrial Revolution was the change from hand tools and work to new manufacturing processes It began in Britain and was spread throughout other countries in later years The Industrial Revolution occurred in the eighteenth century from 1760 to 1840 This helped many people and is still helping many people today Before the Industrial Revolution people lived in cottages and they lit their them by the use of fire People made their own food and clothing They did not have any transportation devices so they were only able to travel as far as their legs would take them The Industrial Revolution began in Britain in the 1700 s This was because Britain had an abundance of coal iron and wealth They also had a stable government that encouraged new products and businesses Throughout the years industrialization spread to other countries such as France Germany and America They also had an abundance of coal and iron by this time Britain was not a fan of this and they tried to enforce strict rules against it They made it so they were not allowed to sell machines This did not work considering that spreading still occurred Will Cockerill created the first spinning factory in Belgium in Europe This helped the Textile Industry These were the people in charge of cotton making The Textile Industry was the first industry during the Industrial Revolution to see growth and progress Factories were also developed during the Industrial Revolution Spinners and weavers came to work in these factories because many machines were being created This doomed the putting out system The putting out system was when some people would one part of the cloth making and others would be a different part of it This was all done in people's homes Tools were created to help people make the cloth items at a faster rate

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