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Artificial Intelligence Provides a Fundamentally New Approach to Every Problem

Artificial Intelligence Provides a Fundamentally New Approach to Every Problem Since the demonstration of the first running artificial intelligence program in 1956 companies have been hyping artificial intelligence and delivering mediocre results Lee Timothy This has been going on for so long that many people have been conditioned to dismiss it Lee Timothy With artificial intelligence software now advancing at a rapid pace it is time for people to start paying attention Lee Timothy If implemented these recent advances would improve many aspects of human life Artificial intelligence would improve quality of life by greatly improving things such as food production healthcare and cyber security Artificial intelligence has the ability to greatly improve the efficiency of food production This is needed because the farming industry is being challenged by a rapidly increasing world population which the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization has estimated to reach nearly 10 billion by the year 2050 McFarland Matt To be able to meet these demands farmers will need to produce nearly fifty percent more crops and the only way to do this is by using artificial intelligence to get the highest yield out of every acre farmed McFarland Matt Artificial intelligence programs are able to do this by providing real time data analytics analyzing soil quality and tracking weather for farmers Venkatachalam Sandhya

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Academic Statement of Purpose MS in Information Management Applicant

Academic Statement of Purpose MS in Information Management Applicant for Fall 2018 With a massive influx of data in every business sector more and more companies are making use of the consumer data to make decision making more accurate It was when I started working at Tech Mahindra for a US telecom major AT T I understood the potential of data and how it can be combined with intelligent systems to drive down key decisions and reduce the risk factor I have been observant about the advancement of analytics and data science as a whole and the further I delved into it more alluring was it it challenged my analytical and quantitative skills and has helped in sharpening them It is a thought provoking and compelling area of study dealing with statistics computing analysis and business strategies with enormous promise a pursuit I would dearly love to be a part of as companies over the world are making use of analytics in innovative ways getting an in depth knowledge would be a valuable asset in the future and I believe UIUC s MSIM program would be the perfect medium to help me to achieve my goals Coming from a family where my father is a law graduate a lot of significance was given to education since my childhood and this has always pushed me further to acquire more knowledge and skills in my area of interest For my undergraduate studies I opted for Instrumentation Technology as my major the multidisciplinary nature and having problem solving at its core allowed me to study the field of instruments Here while engaging in courses such as Control Systems Process Instrumentation Neural Networks and fuzzy logic I had my first brush with precise data calculations

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