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Academic Statement of Purpose MS in Information Management Applicant

Academic Statement of Purpose MS in Information Management Applicant for Fall 2018 With a massive influx of data in every business sector more and more companies are making use of the consumer data to make decision making more accurate It was when I started working at Tech Mahindra for a US telecom major AT T I understood the potential of data and how it can be combined with intelligent systems to drive down key decisions and reduce the risk factor I have been observant about the advancement of analytics and data science as a whole and the further I delved into it more alluring was it it challenged my analytical and quantitative skills and has helped in sharpening them It is a thought provoking and compelling area of study dealing with statistics computing analysis and business strategies with enormous promise a pursuit I would dearly love to be a part of as companies over the world are making use of analytics in innovative ways getting an in depth knowledge would be a valuable asset in the future and I believe UIUC s MSIM program would be the perfect medium to help me to achieve my goals Coming from a family where my father is a law graduate a lot of significance was given to education since my childhood and this has always pushed me further to acquire more knowledge and skills in my area of interest For my undergraduate studies I opted for Instrumentation Technology as my major the multidisciplinary nature and having problem solving at its core allowed me to study the field of instruments Here while engaging in courses such as Control Systems Process Instrumentation Neural Networks and fuzzy logic I had my first brush with precise data calculations

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