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Everyone dreams to achieve something in life

Everyone dreams to achieve something in life whether that is fame respect or success I believe that the healthcare field is a field where one can achieve all these accomplishments as healthcare providers are often respected for the care they provide This leads to fame even if that s in the hospital clinic or the community they work in and being a healthcare provider is a success in and of itself Ever since childhood I imagined myself in the healthcare field and after extensive research I decided to become a physician assistant Throughout my academic path I focused on getting closer to my dream and worked persistently hard throughout school and college years The field of medicine and healthcare has always appealed to me From a young age as I began to question how and why people became ill and continued researching and developing my interests The path to making the decision about becoming a physician assistant made me realize my life s purpose which is to serve others in the time of need and becoming a PA would fulfill my purpose Typically doctors are less likely to be available regularly or less of a need in underserved areas and physician assistants can be extremely helpful in providing treatment and care during emergency situations that arise in those areas

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