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Severe criticism and complex serious issues faced by the judicial system

In the background of severe criticism and complex serious issues faced by the judicial system for its performance there was always continuous effort to not only attend but upgrade the mechanism to improve performance and perception These efforts started almost hundred years before with regular intervals as various efforts were done to address these issues Being the 63rd such effort the Woolf Inquiry to revamp the civil justice system was formed in 1994 by Lord Chancellor to study why civil litigation was in general expensive protracted complex and subject to long delays The essence of the reforms was based on promoting settlement among the parties at dispute and avoiding litigation The Woolf report appeared initially in the year 1996 and the proposals backed up by practice directions regulations and pre action protocols were enacted in Civil Procedure Act and the Civil Procedure Rules CPR 1998 which were identical for County Courts and High Court A considerate rational approach by Lord Woolf provided refreshing relief and a New Civil Justice Landscape evolved The key reforms introduced addressing cost and delay includes Pre Action protocols part 36 of CPR Judicial Case Management and Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR The main objectives of these reforms were to urge early settlement and encourage parties to be less adversarial reduce delays costs and complexities of litigations It is essential to discuss the reforms to see whether the proposals have achieved cost saving for litigants 

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