Essay Examples on Biodiesel

Biofuels which are the renewable energy sources

Due to the depletion of fossil fuel and energy crises, there was a need to produce alternative energy source which would be beneficial and cost-effective, for that purpose biotechnologist pay attention on the production of Biofuels which are the renewable energy sources. Biofuels are products that can be processed into liquid form fuels for either transport or ignition purposes. Bioethanol is produced from agricultural products including starchy and cereal crops like sugarcane, corn, beets, wheat, and sorghum. Biodiesel is made from oil or tree seeds, like rapeseed, sunflower, soya, palm coconut or jatropha Online 2010. Worldwide fuel consumption has increased 17 fold in the last few century and emissions of CO2 Sox and NOx from fossil fuel, ignition are primary causes of atmospheric pollution. Non-renewable energy sources i.e fossil fuels represent the most utilized forms of energy today and is predicted to estimate that at the present rate of production fossil fuels would be exhausted in the next century. Hence there is a need to develop and implement reasonable technologies to produce alternative renewable energy and feedstock.

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