Essay Examples on Biryani

Hyderabad The City of Nizams Cuisine

Hyderabad The City of Nizams is internationally famed for its biryani which is found everywhere from roadside dhabas to luxury restaurants. This quintessential dish shows the strong influence of the Mughlai Andhra and Turkish cuisine. For relishing the best biryani be sure to stop by the Bawarchi for mutton biryani Hotel Shadab for chicken and mutton biryani Cafe Bahar for biryani and haleem and Sarvi for chicken drum biryani. Among other local delicacies to try include Keema Samosa minced meat dish. Paaya stew made of trotters or beef Lukhmi mutton minced savory dish and Sheer Khurma Vermicelli pudding Goa. The gastronomic scene in Goa is just as much a way of life as its lively pub culture and beach parties. And what makes it food scene so special is the influences of different cultures that it came into contact with over the centuries and that's present in every dish.

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