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In the story Everyday Use author Alice Walker tells a story about the Relationship

In the story Everyday Use author Alice Walker tells a story about the relationship an individual chooses to have with their culture through characters Mama Dee and Maggie The story starts off with Mama and her youngest daughter Maggie waiting for Dee her older daughter to visit from college When Dee arrives she shows up with new attire a new name and a man named Asalamalakim also known as Hakim a barber Quilting is used in the story as a symbol For centuries women have been associated with textiles through weaving and sewing Although this has been primarily connected to mandatory labor women have historically made quilts with significant meanings Therefore the quilt symbolizes heritage and culture and the conflict over the quilt was a representation of Dee s perspective of heritage versus Mama and Maggie s perspective When Dee wanted to keep the quilt Mama originally promised Maggie to hang up on her wall the issue about a lack of understanding about culture in heritage is brought up In African culture making quilts is very important because each patch tells a story and in the end Maggie gets to keep the quilt due to these circumstances 

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Lorenzo proposed 8 a new WSN Wireless Sensor Network

Lorenzo proposed 8 a new WSN Wireless Sensor Network system for monitoring landslides using Wi MAX The system has three levels i Gateway level manages data aggregation and storage and also coordinate with WSN ii Server Level stores data on remote server iii Node Level Peripheral nodes consists of a sensor board having sensors etc Nodes are placed in landslide area and can make an ad hoc WSN Where a sensor should be placed in a ground is decided by integrating a wideband technology with radar technology it helps in improving the accuracy To reduce the noise Kalman filter is used Sensor nodes are arranged in a hierarchical manner X y and z coordinates of every node is noted day by day to check the daily movement of landslide C Li Fi R Karthika proposes the use of Li Fi in disaster management 14 Li Fi is typically implemented using white LED light bulbs at the downlink transmitter The operational procedure is very simple if the LED is on you transmit a digital 1 if it's off you transmit a 0 visible light is used between 400 THz 780 nm and 800 THz 375 nm as optical carrier for data transmission and illumination in VLC which is the method of wirelessly using rapid pulses of light to transmit information 

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