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AirAsia is a partnership company with many Asian countries

AirAsia is a partnership company with many Asian countries across the globe and it is owned by Tune Group as it possess the highest number of shares The major shareholders of this company is Tune Live Sdn Bhd Tune Air Sdn Bhd Datuk Kamarudin Bin Meranun and Tony Fernandes himself The purpose of this establishment was to provide air travel services and the chance for everyone especially the less fortunate to be able to fly at the lowest price while maintaining the highest quality of product and improving their service quality Besides that AirAsia aims to connect more people and places across hundreds of routes which any other airline does not offer Up to today AirAsia s profit has been skyrocketing because Tony Fernandes stood true to what he said which is to fly as many people as possible at a cheaper rate Therefore many people are grateful to Tony Fernandes as he has given them the opportunity to fly and in return AirAsia s profit has increased drastically to the extent that they managed to pay off the airline s debt of RM40 million in just less than two years AirAsia also provides cheap flights to over 120 destinations such as to Singapore Hong Kong and much more with its main hub located at Kuala Lumpur International Airport KUL In 2007 AirAsia X a sister company to 

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Dorothea Lange was born on May 26 1895

Dorothea Lange was born on May 26 1895 in Hoboken New Jersey She was originally born as Dorothea Nutzhorn and lived with her parents Heinrich Nutzhorn and Johanna Lange and her brother Martin Nutzhorn At the age of 7 Lange contracted polio which weakened both her right leg and foot When she was asked about it she stated It was the most important thing that happened to me and formed me guided me instructed me helped me and humiliated me Before she was a teen her parents divorced She resented her father so much for it that she dropped his surname and picked up her mother s Her parents held education on a pedestal and she was exposed to many creative works filled her adolescent years In 1935 Dorothea Lange was asked to assist with an economics research study led by Paul Taylor who was so impressed with her work that he asked her to join the Farm Security Administration which was established by the U S Agriculture Department a division that represented the interests of all American farmers including People of color and tenant farmers which were people who farmed on rented land Taylor would also become her second husband both leaving their respective spouses for one another Her life as a photographer was an interesting one She traveled with her husband documenting the hardships of people who lived in the rural area She wrote many report about the words of people whom she spoke to directly quoted directly 

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Literature review Global pollution has reached to its Severity

Literature review Global pollution has reached to its severity due to various natural and anthropogenic activities leading to the pollution of several terrestrial as well as aquatic ecosystems in presence of non metals metals inorganic and organic compounds Heavy metals are contemplated as trace elements due its trace amount ppb range to less than 10ppm of presence in environmental matrices In general heavy metals can be naturally found in earth's crust and several natural occurrences such as volcanic eruptions and weathering significantly contribute their role to heavy metal pollution 1 3 4 7 8 NIH Fergusson Bradl H He ZL Shallari S Nriagu JO Environmental contamination including human exposure can also be ensued through anthropogenic activities such as smelting and mining operations industrial production as well as use and use of metals and metal containing compounds 4 7 NIH He ZL Goyer RA Herawati N Shallari S for domestic and agricultural purpose Several other factors have contribution behind environmental adulteration are soil erosion of metal ions heavy metal leaching metal corrosion sediment re suspension atmospheric deposition and also vaporization of metal from water resources to groundwater and soli 8NIH Nriagu JO

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Phenomenon of stress transformation from yielding part of Soil

Introduction Phenomenon of stress transformation from yielding part of soil onto adjacent rigid part is known to be arching action of soil which is encountered in both underground structures and natural terrains Retaining walls buried pipes culverts under embankments tunnels under loose soil under passes and buried conduits can be categorized as few underground structures affected by arching effect of soil Arching occurs when there is a difference of the stiffness between the installed structure and the surrounding soil If the structure is stiffer than the soil then loads arches onto the structure Otherwise if the structure is less stiff than the soil then loads arches away from the structure Depending on relative stiffness of surrounding soil mass arching phenomenon tends to have both positive and negative impacts on underground structures that s the arching action can be either active or passive Reduction of overall stress transformed on to structure from overlying soil is the foremost positive impact of arching effect

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