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Keats and Rossetti lies in how their writings depict the tripartite model

On the other hand a crucial difference between Keats and Rossetti lies in how their writings depict the tripartite model of the mind consisting of the id ego and superego In The Eve of St Agnes the feast Porphyro sets up for Madeline stimulates erotic desire Garofalo 357 It represents the propensity of the id for pleasure seeking taking precedence over moral precepts as Porphyro partakes in stolen enjoyment from eastern trade and his enemies 358 The desires of the id are also represented in Porphyro s wish to voyeuristically enjoy Madeline This is countered by Angela the old woman he meets in the hallway who acts as the superego or the mind s conscience She initially declines his request but Porphyro eventually persuades her to lead him to Madeline s chamber Her actions represent the ego as it is the final decision made after considering both the id and the superego In this case the id received a more favorable result The story could be interpreted as Keats endorsing a philosophy that maximizes happiness utilitarianism since Porphyro seeking to maximize his enjoyment leads to good consequences 

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Imperfect information Explanation

Imperfect information is a situation that occurs when either one or both parts of a transaction in the economy are not completely aware of all the features and qualities of the product they are selling or buying The frequent and extensive existence of imperfect information can be a reason for the market failure that leads to a substantial welfare loss Nonetheless there are various ways in which the government can prevent the economy from the Pareto inefficient situation In a perfect economy both producers and consumers are supposed to have the excellent knowledge of the market That includes the prices costs ingredients when it comes to specific products and other components that should be taken into account while executing a transaction from one party to another However that point of view is rather unrealistic as the information between the buyer and seller is hardly ever absolute In most cases the transactions are being processed under asymmetric information which means that where people involved have an unequal amount of knowledge about the aspects of what is being sold or bought some know more than the other The first form of asymmetric information known as a problem of hidden action exists when somebody gets involved in a risky event bearing in mind the fact that he or she is under protection against the risk and the other party will incur the cost A great evidence of how this situation may result in a market failure is provided by Michael Lewis 2010 in his book about the financial crisis caused by the United States housing bubble based on true events that took place during the 2000s In this case there was no partition separating investment banking and commercial banking which allowed previously stable traditional banks to invest in a nefarious mix of low grade high yield investments The contributors were not perfectly aware of the risks introduced into the system by the banks perhaps because many were international

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