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In lesson 4 I learned about the importance of negotiation Skill

In lesson 4 I learned about the importance of negotiation skill negotiation processes BATNA and negotiation tactics Negotiation skills are absolutely essential for project managers to successfully achieve their organizational and professional goals In order to be effective in any business endeavor how to negotiate properly has become a vital requirement for successful advancement In the ever changing environment of the current business world organizations start and grow by virtue of successful negotiations and by emerging long term dealings among two or more parties involved either directly or indirectly in various business processes Negotiation is a process where each party involved in communicating back and forth and tries to gain an advantage for themselves by the end of the process Negotiation is envisioned to aim at compromise Excellent negotiators require the collection of behaviors such as communication sales marketing psychology sociology assertiveness and conflict resolution A negotiator may be a buyer seller customer supplier business partners boss or employee In a negotiating process can always trade down but it is hard to trade up so always aim for the best deal In order to win in the complex negotiation process negotiator wants to study the other person need list and need to remain flexible Dispute resolution process has three steps they are negotiation mediation and escalation

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