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The main point of ethical dilemma is to find out the right and Wrong

Dilemmas are unseparated parts of our life and the same happens with the organizations they face with ethical dilemmas uncountably The main point of ethical dilemma is to find out the right and wrong side and to understand the importance and consequence of the result In this paper I will try to find the right side of the H B Fuller case in Honduras Street Children and Substance Abuse H B Fuller company is based in St Paul Minnesota experts in industrial adhesives industrial coating sealants and specialty materials in two dozen markets H B Fuller Company 2018 Kativo Chemical Industries LTD which was primarily a paint company was combined to the H B Fuller Company and in the early 1980 s they decided to enter into the adhesive business market in Latin America Kativo felt like the adhesive market in Latin America lacked competitors could be profitable and allow them to gain market share They decided to sell adhesives under the Resistol brand name to make more variety of industrial and commercial applications in Latin America In addition to this they only hired local people with hopes of creating jobs and helping to improve the standard of living Resistol was the brand name for all adhesive products including water based school glue in Honduras Donaldson 2008 p 25 In the summer of 1985 there was published an article about glue sniffing among Honduran street children in Honduras in the Honduran newspaper by Peter Ford Resistol had become the very popular inhalant drug of choice among street children in 

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