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Differences between the worldviews of the Christian faith and Buddhism

Abstract This paper will examine the differences between the worldviews of the Christian faith and Buddhism It will also examine how these worldviews will affect an individual's decision making process via a case study supplied by Grand Canyon University 2013 The case study is about an active middle ages man named George who has recently been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also known as ALS and the prognosis isn t a pleasant one George is faced with some decisions and considers voluntary euthanasia as a viable option The author will add their personal perspective to George s situation Case Study on Death and Dying Working in the healthcare field a healthcare employee will have contact with multiple different cultures and belief systems that may be different than the ones that they hold It is however part of their job to treat each patient as a whole and be able to provide reassurance and comfort not only from a medical standpoint but also a spiritual one Having an understanding of the patients beliefs and what their faiths worldviews are will help to achieve this goal By knowing what your own worldviews are and how they differ from others is key to being able to respect even if you disagree with their views 

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America's blueprint of this country has followed Paths

Introduction America's blueprint of this country has followed paths that make it unique and what we know today The many events in history all have its place but I will attempt in this essay to show the events on how we divided the United States into the North and South with the Civil War One of the most defining historical events in our country s history is the division that came from two different views from two different geographical areas Main Statement So what was the main goal of the Civil War It was a four year war fought from 1861 1865 At the cost of some 625 000 American lives all to determine what kind of country we will be The intentions of the war was not based solely on slavery but the North wanted to preserve the Union and the South wanted to preserve slavery At the start of the war the North had greater advantages over the South who lacked in the railroad system blacksmithing and simply man power this would turn out to be against the South throughout the war North and South Views The Differences among the economies of the North and South caused major conflict and concern for the Future

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