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Singapore’s Rail Transport

Singapore’s rail transport system is the foundation of the nation’s public transport system Singapore s SMRT Trains arrangement at urban rail travel system a north south line Tozai Line North East Line Link and Coastal Line 5 lines an aggregate length of 199 4 km The two organizations are also operators of the Singapore Light Rail System 28 8 km long Moreover Malaysia based Malayan Railways likewise works cross fringe rail services in Singapore while the Sentosa MRT and Changi Airport lifted traveler trolley are neighborhood rail system particularly intended for tourists Singapore railway metre gauge The Singapore railway is typical of British colonial railway systems built to the metre gauge Singapore had hydraulic buffer stops All from a British manufacturer of railway equipment The 1 000 mm 3 ft 3 3 8 in gauge railway network in Most of the lines are made out of ballasted system and locally made concrete sleepers in urban Singapore concrete sleepers system This concrete sleepers system has been designed to enable road rail vehicles and equipment to mount or cross the rail quickly and safely There is now no excuse for accidents caused by sliding off old wooden sleepers Steel type that Singapore government rely and used is Bainite Bainite derives strength from ultra fine microstructure British Standard BLF320 BLF360

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