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The case studies of redeveloped and new projects are being Analyzed

By this part of the paper The case studies of redeveloped and new projects are being analyzed to recognize the benefits of integrate green wall and buildings as an approach to energy saving and reduction of heat island effect in addition to other environmental benefits Consorcio Santiago Offices 1993 An outstanding example of this new vision for intelligent building envelopes is shown in 1993s Consorcio Vida building in Santiago Chile designed by Enrique Browne and Borja Huidobro One of the main distinguishing characteristics of the project is the use of dynamic shading presented by deciduous vines that grow to almost the full size of the West facade They were conceived as a vertical garden sixteen stories high Fig 2 7 adding a green region that contributes to improve the environmental quality of the zone On the contrary the conventional buildings where their image crumbles during the years this solution presents the building with an always changing standard with temporary validity According to Browne architecture and vegetation are fused together turning the latter into a construction material keeping the building relevant for an undefined time Arqa2011 The color and density of the vines change according to the seasons adjusting solar light that comes into the office spaces In turn this also aids to save energy on heating cooling and lighting providing a better working place They also create a moisture microclimate in the dry Santiago valley where it is located Fig 2 8 Vegetation is also used in the lower floors in the form of full grown trees to provide shade to pedestrians and protect the facade of lower floors Senott2004 

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Louis Zamperini Louie is an Italian immigrant from Torrance

Louis Zamperini Louie is an Italian immigrant from Torrance He was very mischievous as a child who could not sit still When he got older he became an olympic runner and bombardier in WWII Louie is very resourceful optimistic generous rebellious and unbreakable Anthony Zamperini Anthony is Louie s dad He believes Louie is still alive Louis Zamperini Louise is petite and playful but is also mischievous and defiant like her son She is very supportive and a good cook who gives the rest of the family hope for Louie s return Sylvia Zamperini Flammer Devoted and loving Sylvia is Louie s sister She took a job in a military hospital to get more information about Louie and the war Virginia Zamperini Louie s sister Pete Zamperini Pete is handsome popular well groomed wise and polite He was mischievous as well because he was sometimes with his brother during his feats

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