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Intrinsic and Extrinsic reward working conditions Relationship

It can be concluded from the study that faces of job satisfaction such intrinsic and extrinsic reward working conditions relationship with supervisor and nature of the work meaningfully affect the level of job satisfaction or job performance Alamdar Hussain Khan 2012 It is suggested that the dimensions Promotion and Nature of Work are the prominent for the job performance level of the employees Alamdar Hussain Khan 2014 In the same way workplace environment is also a key factor to retain employees one study proved that a good and healthy work environment will motivate the employees to stay stable at their positions and absenteeism rate will decline and due to this less employee turnover intentions will held Muhammad Imran Qureshi 2014 There can be many challenges for the companies but one and main important challenge for company internally is to satisfy employees by working condition Because company totally depends upon its clients and employees 

Which employees take them to success or failure and hold the company in competition with its competitors By providing workers employees best or acceptable physical working condition efficiency effectiveness and performance can be increased Raziq 2015 Workplace mindfulness is positively related to job performance which is negatively related to turnover intention Dane 2014 One study on Nurses was conducted and it was suggested that poor working condition increase the turnover intention for them Almalki 2012

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Performance Management System

There had been some expressed concern and discomfort within the whole of the Performance Management System this can be the lack inadequate training For effective training to be adequate it is imperative to have some solid personal skills and assertiveness If those line managers in ABC Plc don't have the right personal skills they will be unable to even process the Performance Management System and be able to pass on to the employees Lipman 2012 Importance of a managerial training is evident in Euro Disney even before the park was opened they had already recruited and trained thousands of staff permanently and temporary employees They were required to undertake extensive training to prepare them for Disney’s highest standards of customer service and to understand how the operational routines of health and safety N Slack 2017 With regular training for managers improvements and confidence overall progress of standard training liberation of managers in ABC Plc lacking and traits will be distinguished and employees will be happier and be more productive Managers must take responsibility for line managers and be recognized for extra training through all employees

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