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Simulations of CPU scheduling Algorithm Evaluation

This report will be about simulations of CPU scheduling Algorithm Evaluation The central processing unit or as it referred to the CPU is a processor that is responsible for giving instructions to the computer so it would know what to do The CPU lets the computer know when it should follow out certain instructions which as people know is a program This program will receive information and will input all of the information from a device and process all of it so the computer could understand it and output the information Most technology nowadays has a CPU built into it the most commonly known products are mobile phones and computers however many other devices also have a CPU such as washing machines DVD players printers and many more Most CPUs are contained on a singular integrated circuit chip they are very small but very powerful However you can get multicore processors as well but they are still a single chip but they contain a few CPUs on it which is classed as cores This report will talk about the importance of scheduling and how it s a fundamental to operating systems It will also contain information on how to get a more accurate evaluation of scheduling algorithms by using simulations 

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Safeguarding and promoting the Welfare of Children

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children especially protecting them from significant harm is relied on effective work between agencies and professionals of different expertise DCSF 2010 Cleaver et al 2009 Coordinated help from health children's services and other agencies are needed for vulnerable children who are particularly at risk of significant harm DCSF 2010 The Centre for Excellence and Outcomes 2010 explains it is vital to intervene early and as soon as possible to tackle problems for children and their families Early intervention reflects the recognition that it is better to identity problems early and intervene as soon as possible such as understanding children who are disadvantaged and at risk of significant harm to prevent the problem from escalating in cases such as child neglect or abuse This essay will critically analyse the effectiveness and challenges of early intervention as a basis of good ethical practice The basis of good ethical practice is seen to be as following statutory and non statutory guidance Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone's priority and promoting the safety and welfare of children and young people has been a part of the legal framework governing child protection since the Children Act 1989

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