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How Policy Making in Florida has Affected the Rising Sea Levels

How Policy Making in Florida has Affected the Rising Sea Levels  Environmental Systems and Societies According to research Miami FL could be underwater within the next century due to global warming Miami s flat surface and limestone foundation make this city extremely susceptible to floods especially regarding current carbon emissions which have precipitated the glaciers to melt In addition the inefficiency of Florida s Government to create policies in order to lower carbon emissions and create a sustainable environment provide a sense of what the future looks like if there is no feasible solution reached Even though the US government is reluctant to address environmental issues they should implement policies in order to regulate climate change because the many coastal areas including Florida could be permanently affected economically environmentally to the extent to which Miami could seize to be habitable The rising sea level is one of the leading repercussions from the extent to which carbon emissions are being released however there are different factors which play a role in local and global rising sea levels 

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