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Implement trust policies is a major concern while designing trusted Environment

To implement trust policies is a major concern while designing trusted environment In the proposed approach the trust is maintained at the initial phase when a new node joins the distributed network We have embodied the traditional security model with services as client has to authenticate before making a request We have assumed that in every organization there are some trustworthy nodes which perform coordination and management The entire system is controlled by such trustworthy central coordinator which keeps the information about all nodes including number of nodes number of resources and services present in the system The proposed approach enhances the performance of complete system by sharing the authentication workload among all other nodes To accomplish this goal we have devised an agent based system with various functionalities as monitoring the servers balancing the load of service providers and service request in case of unavailability of servers The agent system in the proposed approach has reliability autonomy reactivity proactiveness social ability and rationality features It receives the client's request checks its database for the requested service and the load status of the service providers and responds according to the status It interacts with the clients and servers and according to their requirements it behaves It has a goal directed behavior that is servicing other nodes in the system

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