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Many know of a extraordinary man who once was extremely Poor

Many know of a extraordinary man who once was extremely poor with not much to offer to becoming the world's most well known man in the entire world With very little education and having on bankruptcy twice before he was 30 this man did not start out with very much luck He used his wits and instinct to become the world's most wealthiest entrepreneurs who touched the lives of all who he met and many all around the world today So much failure and lost he never gave up hope and became a very successful business leader Milton Snavely Hershey was born on September 13 1867 to Henry and Veronica Snavely Hershey in a small town in Derry Township Pennsylvania His mother was a devoted Mennonite while his father constantly started new jobs Because his father changed jobs so much Milton s family moved a lot Because of this he did not get a very good education By the time he turned thirteen he had attended six different schools Even though he was smart it was tough on Milton to always be changing schools After the fourth grade Hershey s mother decided that he should leave school and learn a trade instead Milton s mother found him a job as an apprentice to a printer by the name of Sam Ernst 

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