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It's our job as teachers to guide the Students

Abstract We are teaching the future generation It's our job as teachers to guide the students through education but getting them to love learning is rewarding I would like technology as an essential tool in the classroom to benefits students The meaning of curriculum of technology and the positives and challenges will be a first highlight The reason I chose curriculum of technology in my classroom will be the second key essential in my philosophy then my experiences with this module to support my key points Curriculum of Technology will be used in my classroom to reach out to students and their needs It is often a struggle in my experience to get students to be eager about learning in a traditional classroom Curriculum of technology means a technology of teaching or a way to organize and deliver content Dell Olio J M Donk T 2007 Technology is a beneficial tool and has positives that could be used in the classrooms to make learning intriguing for students My first example would be how PowerPoints can give auditory learning through speakers visual learning through the display monitor and can provide support for kinesthetic learning through repeating processes presented on the monitor Video clips can gain students understanding over a concept that could be challenging to teach 

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Information systems that help us to maintain our daily way of Life

In this modern era of Information Technologies every aspect of life tends to evolve in presence or help of these information technologies There are various different technologies and Information systems that help us to maintain our daily way of life in easy and hustle free environment One of this technologies or information system included online banking and electronic cards Online banking has become very effective and one of the most popular services that is been used around the world past two or three decades This service helps users to purchase of make other kind of payment by a press of a button with any device that has internet access in it This technology is used in e commerce websites banking portals shops and various other different areas Since this technology is used in daily way of life it is subjected many threats This included cyber crimes theft of cards misuses of ecommerce websites using fraud etc This research is based on online banking and electronic cards and the issues that this technology I will be conducting a thorough investigation in issues that this technology faces in terms of ethical legal professional and social aspects Professional Part Professionally speaking IT professionals or staffs who develop and maintains any online banking systems must strictly follow given code of conducts

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