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Dimensional Approach of Early Feminist Ideology

Despite moving away from the one-dimensional approach of early feminist ideology and now addressing socioeconomic explanations of IPV many critics still reject the feminist explanation and argue that gender inequality is just one of the numerous variables which can cause IPV Kaur and Garg 2008 Many theorists instead propose a family conflict theory when attempting to explain the causation of IPV Gelles 1985 Family conflict theories points toward the fact not all men are violent within societies experiencing high levels of gender inequality they instead suggest factors such as age employment income and status play important roles in the causation of IPV Lawson 2012 Family conflict theories use social structuralism when attempting to explain the causation of IPV they suggest that violence occurs due to institutionalized variations among socioeconomic status gender and ethnicity divisions Gelles 1985 Within family conflict theories IPV is seen as the outcome of a pileup of stressors associated with a perceived excess of demands over resources Benson et al 2002 p 794 Despite the increasing popularity of family conflict and feminist theories one of the very first sociological explanations of IPV was goode s 1971 resource theory Goode proposed that the balance between partners is dependent upon the contribution each make towards a relationship Gelles 1980 Goode suggests that violence and force is used as a tool to reclaim power within a relationship when offering very little resources towards it Gelles 1980

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